24 December Scots Book of Days. Hugh Montgomery Earl of Eglinton receives remission. Christmas Eve 1540. Descendant of The Bruce and ancestor Great Grandfather of Donald Trump Junior.

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President and Mrs Trump at the 2017 Christmas tree lighting, White House.

        In 1503, King of Scots James the Fourth gave his bride Princess Margaret Tudor a Book of Hours be read for every hour every day of the year.

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 James IV 1488-1513, British postage 62 pence.

    The Scots Book of Days is in this tradition.  For more on this date see 

        Turnberry Scotland is the birthplace of King  of Scots Robert the First, called ‘The Bruce’ and 1st Earl of Carrick,  Lord Annandale, 2nd Lord Brus. According to FamilySearch.com, President Donald Trump descends from King Robert’s The Bruce both wives.  8th in descent from the Bruce was Hugh Montgomery First Earl of Eglinton and Third Baron Montgomery and Justice General of North Scotland who married Helen Campbell.

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Turnberry is the Golf course in Scotland on The Bruce’s birthplace.

On December 24, 1540, a remission was granted to Hugh Montgomery, earl of Eglinton, his two sons, and thirty others, for abiding from the army at Solway. Hugh had lived in the time of five sovereigns of Scotland, having been born in the last year of King James 2nd , and died in the third of Queen Mary .} Hugh died in June 1545, 85th  year of his age.

            Helen Campbell Countess of Eglinton & Hugh Montgomery 1st Earl Eglinton [conferred 1507], 3rd Baron Montgomery, Justice General. {The eldest son, Hugh, 3rd  Lord Montgomery, and 1st  earl of Eglinton, born  1460, being under age at his father’s [Alexander Montgomerie 2nd Baron Montgomery] death, was placed under the tutorship of his father’s uncle, Hugh Montgomery. 

William 2nd Lord Sempill d. 1552 & Lady Margaret Montgomery

Robert Sempill ‘The Great Lord’ 3rd Baron Sempill & Elizabeth Carlisle. SEMPHILL or SEMPLE, ROBERT, 3rd  Lord Sempill (d. 1572), commonly called the great Lord Sempill, was the elder son of William, 2nd  lord Sempill, by his 1st   wife, Lady Margaret Montgomery, eldest daughter of Hugh, 1st  earl of Eglinton. The family from the 13th  century were heritable bailiffs of the regality of Paisley, and sheriffs of Renfrewshire, under the lord high steward of Scotland. They frequently distinguished themselves in the English wars, and were employed in important duties of state. Sir Thomas Sempill, father of John, 1st  lord Sempill, was killed at the battle of Sauchieburn on 11 June 1488, fighting in support of James 3rd , and the 1st  lord (created by James 4th  about 1489), fell at Flodden on 9 Sept. 1513.

Dorothea or Mary Sempill  & Sir Robert Montgomerie of Skelmorlie 6th Margaret Elizabeth Montgomery & William Cochrane of that Ilk. [William Cochrane of that ilk, who succeeded  [John Cochrane of that Ilk], and got charters under the great feal from Mary [ Montgomerie nee Sempill] , of the lands and barony of Cochrane, and several others, inter 1558 et 1560. He was a man of great fagacity, economy, and prudence, and greatly adorned and beautified the ancient feat of the family of Cochrane with large plantations and buildings. He married Margaret, daughter of the fir Robert Montgomery of Skelmorly, in the fhire of Ayr, by Mary his wife, daughter of the lord Robert Semple, by whom he had three daughters.] 16th century printers font preserved in part, i.e. ‘f’ for ‘s’.

Elizabeth Cochrane   married   Alexander Blair who assumed after 1603 the name Cochrane.Their son William Cochrane Senior, the First Earl of Dundonald, QV DNB born 1605 and died 1685 married Eupheme Scot. Next in descent was Sir William Lord Cochrane married Katherine Kennedy. Next Lady Margaret Cochrane and Alexander Seton Montgomerie Ninth Earl of Eglinton. Next Lady Margaret Montgomerie married to Sir Alexander MacDonald 7th Baronet, who had Isabella Macdonald, and who married Martin. A daughter Margaret Martin, married Alexander McQueen, and their son Angus MacSween married Margaret Campbell. Their daughter Henrietta MacSween or McSwane married Duncan Smith. Their Son Donald Smith was a woolen weaver and cottar  farmer. Donald died on October 26, 1868, off the coast Broadbay, Scotland, when a squall of wind overturned his boat.  Donald  married Mary Macaulay in Garrabost on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, and had Mary Smith who married Malcolm  MacLeod of Stornoway, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.  Malcolm  was a fisherman and crofter and also served as the compulsory officer in charge of enforcing attendance at the local school in Tong, Scotland. Malcolm and Mary Smith had a daughter Mary Anne MacLeod, who was married in 1936 to Frederick Christ Trump. [11 more Generations], parents of Donald John Trump Senior. Donald Senior married  Ivana  and had son Donald John Trump Junior. 
Turnberry 9th Hole United Kingdom postage, 41 pence with silhouette of Elizabeth II Queen. 

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