By Ed Wallace, Publisher of / January 24, 2021

I’m very disappointed that there are Republican party members among us, and in the SCC, that call for the second impeachment of President Trump. Besides being an unConstitutional act, those who support that effort are showing their true colors and should admit their duplicity and join the Democrat party. This would include many high-profile UTGOP elected officials on the federal and state level who have more than proven their RINO dishonesty. 

The most glaring example is Mitt Romney’s creation of a alias, Pierre Delightful, for the sole purpose of bolstering his 18% approval rating among Utah voters AFTER he said “I’m sickened by Trump’s dishonesty”, called our President a phony and a fraud, and begged him for a job and endorsement. In a Fox appearance today, Pierre argued: ““If we are going to have unity in our country, I think it’s important to recognize the need for accountability, for truth and justice.” Does that same standard apply to you, Senator? 

How can you call for unity when you, along with the most evil progressive elements among us, have been one of the principle dividers in our county? How can any decent, liberty and American loving Patriot, possibly unite with the forces that are tearing down everything that our country was built upon? Are you proposing that 74 million of your fellow citizens capitulate on their beliefs, their standards, their God-fearing, bible clinging, exercise of their God-given rights under our now ignored Constitution, and concede our loss of the Republic for which we stand? We are supposed to join and unite with that? Are you advocating that 74 million Americans be censored, charged with treason and insurrection, and then rounded up, and trained in boxcars to reeducation camps where we are forced to undergo a massive erasure of our brains, and our souls, and learn how to be a Zen socialist? 

The Republican party appears to be nothing more than a front for the Democrats. With leaders like Mitch McConnell and Romney, the libs don’t need to waste any more of their time trying to destroy us. We’re doing that ourselves. For those of you who support what is happening to our country, please leave our party so we don’t have to remove you. 

I’m shocked at the sheer majesty and scope of the re-making of America. Half of our country are now considered terrorists acting to organize hate and violence, and commit treason. The other half have committed treason, and organized hate and violence. We are now a self-imposed socialist democracy where the mob rules. “And that’s where we are now. At the end of the republic. In a land of cowards who hold all the power. In a world of fools who educate the masses. In a house of slaves who pretend to be masters.” – William    

Before Trump left office, one of the last posts from his White House listed his accomplishments. It was immediately removed by the new regime…. Erased. Here’s the same list from the FRC.   What have the true traitors amongst us done?