Who Is The Enemy

By USN Columnist Eric Moutsos / Feb 17, 2021

Has anyone else noticed who the dark and fierce cultural “leaders” are turning into the enemies? Who are now the “bad guys” in the world’s eyes?

We are one of the only dispensations that have most, if not ALL of the written records relating to how civilizations were ultimately destroyed because of wickedness and corruption. God let us know most everything. Literally handed it all to us. This is not to mention any and all sources of information in the palm of our hands (phones), and we still don’t seem to get it; even with all the combined scriptures possible. 

I’m not just talking about scriptures about love and heaven, but unfortunately about the pain it takes to arrive in a heavenly state; things like overcoming sin, continual repentance, heartache, forgiveness, and the Eternal hell some will remain in, if they don’t choose to move forward toward the light. Being “Damned” simply means being stopped in progression. 

Further, these scriptures include wars that must be fought, spiritually and physically; These scriptures talk about the fight for freedom and liberty, corrupt as hell governments, “secret combinations”, death, control, fear, evil, and how the father of lies is behind it all. 

Even further, these scriptures (along with living prophets) show and tell we are near the final battles between good and evil, right before the Lord returns to GATHER everyone together; and when the devils (and their followers) will be DIVIDED and SCATTERED, into the darkness for 1000 years. The devil will always divide and God will always gather. Always.

How can we as Christians (whether LDS or another denomination) fully read scripture patterns of corruption and warning voices, written for our current day, knowing Christ is about to come, AND ALSO somehow believe the current government, politicians, “scientists”, and mainstream media have our best interests in mind? 

In other words, if the corrupt government and deep-state media AREN’T the enemy for the final days against the church before Christ comes, who then is the enemy? 

If Hollywood, most giant corporations, many professional athletes, colleges, who are all calling for “unity”, but in reality preaching true discrimination and segregation, especially towards believers, again who then is the enemy in the last days? 

Is it the Christian’s who are standing up to the ways of the world? Is it Christian who chooses to finally say “I’ve had enough!” .. “I’m going to speak out for my country!” Is that the people the scriptures warned everyone about that would attack the Latter Day Saints? The “fringe” patriots? The “crazy conspiracy theorists” who actually believe the scriptures? The loons who claim they can see spiritually what’s happening? 

The ONLY ones willing to fight for freedoms, while the very loud mouths who mock, and don’t understand they are using that God given right that will soon be ripped away by an agenda who doesn’t want anyone to speak in the end, except for the devil himself? 

Is it the people who are putting their lives and jobs on hold, yelling at the tops of our lungs, being cancelled out-of-society for DEFENDING the Constitution? Are they the enemy? Because it seems so. Those who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights? 

The people who express openly the crazy idea that a marriage between a man and a woman is sacred and holy, and no other pattern can operate in the highest part of heaven? Are they the enemy? 

The radical idea that killing a baby in the most sacred and holy place on earth, the mother’s womb, may just be an evil thing for everyone involved, dead or alive? Are those the dark enemies the scriptures talk about? The ones standing on the walls taking arrows trying to protect life? 

Because clearly groups like the Democratic Party aren’t dangerous at all. The party who will clearly do ANYTHING to take the power. 

The party who uses the BLM “movement” to hijack over 95% of all the funds coming to the organization, ironically ran by very rich white politicians who need to keep minorities down, by preaching how being a victim is the only way to survive. They can’t be the enemy! They are just helping. 

The party who kills millions of babies in the womb; the party that pushes socialism, the party that divides people into classes, shames anyone who disagrees with them, destroys families by government incentives to stay single, cancels real women, destroys bold conservative truthful women, confuses our God given identity into a smoorgasbord of 65 genders, uses women and minorities as pawns to appear diverse, when in reality they are the true racists and sexists and bigots. 

No, this group sounds like ticket that will get us straight into the kingdom of God, right? Oh wait, they also cancelled God over the years. There’s no way they are the enemy. Not possible. 

The bottom line is we are being deceived by satan on every level in society. Including by church owned media sources like the Deseret News, who use the church’s good name for their dark political agenda, whoever is behind the scenes. It’s sick.

We truly do live in the last days where “good will be evil and evil good.” So who is it? Who’s the reason why God’s anger is kindled for in the last days? 

The honest and scared man and woman standing up and speaking right now, even if they get fired or shamed by family and friends, OR the very corrupt world government “leaders” (and their wicked civilian mob armies, along with the wicked MSM) who, at every chance they can, will grab for more control and money? Who is the enemy? 

The ones scrambling backwards on defense trying to protect their jobs and homes and children, OR could it just be the perpetrators pushing forward with lie after lie after lie in every possible way to take our freedoms and Liberties? 

Who is the enemy? 

The good news is God isn’t the enemy, and He wins in the end. I testify if we just keep trying to listen to the light inside of our souls (our conscience) it will lead us directly back to Him.

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