By Paula Smith – Nov 24, 2023

Where do I begin? The support through my campaign and these final days has been overwhelming, and I’ll never be able to articulate my gratitude to each of my supporters. Strangers became friends, and many worked hard to make a difference. There is an extensive list of remarkable individuals, and I hope that each of you understands the significance you hold (including my family). Even though the results aren’t reflecting our efforts, the battle is far from over.

What we see here in St George is occurring throughout Utah and across the nation. We have individuals in office driven by a thirst for power, willing to do whatever is necessary to advance their agendas and increase their personal wealth. We have several here in Utah, and more are being groomed to forge a similar path.

What can we do? How do we fix it? The only option is to synchronize and establish a committed citizenry, strengthening the Republic. We must identify and utilize trusted media and completely disregard mainstream outlets that have totally lost touch with actual journalism. We must factually publicize and openly discuss everything we know is coming (tax increases, lost revenues, squandering of our tax dollars).

If we persist in holding those in power accountable and accurately disseminating information, we can make headway with our inactive voter population. The data on voter turnout indicates that fewer than half of registered voters are actively participating. A significant portion of those involved remain uninformed and may only awaken to the realities once they directly experience the impending consequences of the elected actions.

No anger. No mob mentality. No blindfolds. No silence. We must educate, inform, and awaken. Are you ready?

Good will prevail.