By Ed Wallace. Publisher / Sep 23, 2022

Election issues in Utah will take the main stage Saturday night in Saint George. The event, “Election Integrity Matters” will feature Utah leaders and activists who are exposing the problems Utah faces and the solutions needed to insure that Utah elections return to being free from error and corruption.  

Most state leaders and county clerks tell us that our system is free from flaws and can be trusted. Yet, they offer no proof of that, and ignore the evidence when presented to them. In the case of Willie Billings, who recently lost by a few votes in the GOP primary, the county clerk, in consultation with the Lt.Governor, refused a forensic audit despite evidence that Billings had likely won the election. A simple audit would have ended the debate on the issue of accuracy with our currant mail-in ballot system and machine tabulation. Why would the county and state fight against a procedure that would prove their assertion that the system works?

That, and other questions, will be answered by the noted panelists tonight. 

The panalists include, Two Red Pills (Jen Orten & Sophie Anderson), who have brought national attention to the problems that we face in Utah; National radio host Kate Dalley and David “Uncle Milty” Brady; activist Eric Moutsos (the Founder of Utah Revival); Utah State Representative Phil Lyman, HD69; and Willie Billings (mentioned earlier). There will be other special guests and the Liberty Academy Youth Choir will sing the National Anthem.

The event is sponsored by “Unfurl the Truth”, a group of concerned constitutionally conservative citizens who creat events to help inform the public about election integrity and work to restore the freedoms that we have lost.. 

The event begins at 6:30 (doors open at 6) at the Desert Hills High School Auditorium, Desert Hills Dr, in Saint George. Admission is $10.00 cash.