American people are victims of a three-way deal that has been cut among three desperado principals who are insisting upon success at any cost. Professional politicians, Big-money liberal media/entertainment, Very real devil, satan himself

Waiting Anxiously For The Wheels Of Justice

Dave Merrick imageBy —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 17, 2018

Waiting Anxiously For The Wheels Of Justice
Here is Wednesday’s hypothetical situation. Imagine if you will … The National Rifle Association has hit the streets. Their guns are still holstered, but masked members are running about, sucker punching and clobbering with shot-filled rubber hoses, anybody who is wearing a Hillary Clinton T-shirt or has one of her bumper stickers on a vehicle. Further, imagine that Congressman Jim Jordan gave a speech this morning to a crowd of hyper-reactionary and hysterical conservative listeners.  He advocated that all sorts of physical confrontation and discomfort be generously administered to any liberal members of government who might be seen out and about – shopping or at a restaurant or gas station. The word now is that the gloves are coming off. Democrats are going to start receiving the life-threatening and intimidating pestering they have so long been asking for! And, this word also just in … In a meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping, our own President Trump was quite accidentally overheard on a live mic assuring Mr. Jinping that, after his second election, in 2020, he will have the irrefutable and irreversible power to keep certain promises made in previous, private conversations. Meanwhile, today many Republicans in major cities throughout the South have been ransacking polling supply warehouses and smashing voting machines owned by Soros Tabulation Incorporated. During the melee, cars and trucks were overturned and a few were set ablaze. And finally, dozens of genuine, Bible-believing Christian denominations have announced that all their pastors nationally will be demanding the investigation, prosecution and removal of most liberal leaders including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and several others. Those demands, strengthened by an accompanying boycott of several liberal-supporting companies, will begin being preached this coming Sunday morning, and will not let up until the aforementioned people are prosecuted and imprisoned.

The preceding paragraph is, of course,  all a product of my twisted, infected imagination. You might even call it ‘wishful thinking’. But let us indeed pause for a moment and think about the reality of such scenarios actually taking place. Some of us would be staggering about and asking to be pinched or poked just to make sure we were not dreaming. Still others would be down on our knees and feeling the ground – to make sure that hell had not frozen over. But the fact is that (and we all know this) such behavior is no exaggeration and entirely to be expected – regularly –  from leftist America. They are the prima donnas who regularly throw fits and live above the law. They are the brats, the babies, the rightfully titled ‘snowflakes’, who demand and get their own way because they have learned and completely love and abuse the power they hold in intimidating the conscientious and law-abiding America that pays the bills and keeps the peace. Nevertheless, it seems like those of us who play by the rules pay the heaviest fines while the worst lawbreakers are able to throw a tantrum and walk free.

It so infuriates me! We all know that, at the end of the day, if the fake news I just fantasized actually happened, the NRA would be out of business and bounties would be put on the heads of its entire membership roster. My superhero, Jim Jordan, would be on his way to impeachment and expulsion. He would be lucky thereafter to even be allowed to lead a Weight Watchers group in a rented room at the YMCA. And if President Trump pulled what Obama actually did with Russia (and instantly got away with it), in passing confidential messages on to long-standing, hostile world leaders within the hearing of little microphones that were supposed to be off, he would be sentenced to 20 years in the electric chair. And ‘conservative rioters’? What have I been smoking?! The only conservative rioters we have ever seen in America were those tossing crates of tea into Boston Harbor several years back – and then more recently those play-acting youngsters hired by a certain billionaire, America-hating Hungarian-Jewish investor who choreographed false-flag appearances at various riots over the past few years. We don’t need to go any further in pursuing such nonsense.

Let it suffice to say that the GOP occasionally finds a wack-job within its ranks. That just comes with being on our fallen planet. But the democrats are an equal opportunity employer to the point that voting in delinquent halfwits seems to be required in order to maintain the whole pitiful ‘Rainbow Coalition’ appearance. They today represent and defend everthing that is reprobate and repulsive to what is decent and good. But Maxine Waters, who purportedly lives in a $4 million mansion outside of the ghetto district she represents, might just be acting the moron hoping people’s sympathy will keep them from looking too close. I believe it was Harry Truman who said that honest people will never get rich doing politics. Regardless of who said it, the concept is sound. If you are looking to get rich, being a sincere public servant should be something to stay away from. Barack Obama, who (we know now) was probably on the phone in Trump Towers more often than Donald or Melania, has left the White House with a pile more cash than what he came in with. His daughter, amazingly, who may have been listening in on one of the extensions, turned out to be a prodigy investor to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Go figure. And I just naturally try to avoid thinking about how the Clintons and their foundation came into so much money, for fear of suddenly feeling suicidal.

But I swear, there is a mysterious – dare I say it? – PRIVILEGE that works in favor of the left on so many fronts and in so many issues. For example, Hillary and her now all-but-disappeared-from-public-scrutiny, ‘emailgate’. She took home all sorts of classified government information in discs and thumb drives. The data she lifted was already completely safe in a secure environment that we had paid millions to design and maintain. Yet she effectively stole and downloaded all that into her gas-powered, home server (which was easily hackable and later shown to have been hacked). And when our righteously curious representatives justifiably wanted to examine what all she’d had and given away or sold from her compromised storage, she eventually produced the wreckage of hard drives that appeared to have been part of the heat shield tile array on the spaceship Discovery. Meantime, Julian Assange mercifully made the world privy to the truth of her real regard for everybody – from the country she wanted to enslave, to Bernie Sanders and the downright dopey snowflake support group/constituency she was beguiling. So in putting out that fire, then-president Barack Obama merely throws a press conference in which he blames the Russians for having compromised her privacy. Soon after that, a guy named Mueller, who had an axe to grind with Donald Trump, is put in charge of inventing ways to crucify him. And Hillary, who had surreptitiously sold Russia a fifth of our bomb-making radioactivity went and commissioned a British double agent to throw together a dossier of lies so that persecutor Mueller might deceive certain jurists into granting ….

And everyone reading this knows we could go on for hours easily recalling the voluminous history of broken laws and obnoxiously obvious lies told in order to try to eventually literally murder Donald Trump and take over our country. And the reason conservative writers have to so continually rehearse all this mess is because a giant liberal media/press machine – the people who you would think would ordinarily follow real scandals all the way down to their happily prosecuted endings – simply fold up and ignore the nauseating stench of the garbage produced by all these professional leftist politicians. And why does the liberal press do that? It’s because they know that when stuff is kept out of sight … It soon becomes completely forgotten about and can no longer much harm the perps relying upon them for that protection. Donald Trump can (MAYBE) have a one-night dalliance with a woman who does that professionally and was then built like an inflatable brick Kremlin – complete with Atlas rockets – and the diligently comprehensive press, as Edward R Murrow spins in his grave at 50,000 RPM, has shown that they will never let that die. And again, on the other hand, Barack Obama can palletize (and ‘release’) enough cash to save whole civilizations from extinction, and SECRETLY airlift that money to people who have sworn to their god that they will vaporize us. And that same bunch of Journalists will let that slide into obscurity along with Hillary’s endless rap sheet, the embarrassment of her international ‘Whine Tour’, and even the liberal crowd of women who have tried to bring to light their having been ‘Cosby-fied’ by former POTUS, husband Bill.

So how do they rate? They don’t. The American people are simply the victims of a three-way deal that has been cut among three desperado principals who are insisting upon success at any cost. Those three players are the professional politicians, big-money liberal media/entertainment, and of course the overseeing silent partner who will always happily agree to armchair his part – the very real devil, satan himself. So don’t look for amity or fairness toward the constantly abused Christian conservative right. By itself, and apart from God’s intervention, that will never happen. But you may absolutely rest assured that our Constitutionally governed Democratic Republic poses the greatest threat to all three of the blackhearted partners in that evil triumvirate. And the inexcusable, unvarnished and irrefutable cheating we have to sit by and watch on a daily basis is standard operating procedure for everyone who lies and cheats in order to win. So, as we are approaching the final curtain in this absurd drama where pure evil nearly invariably is given a pass in order to achieve its every selfish desire, we shouldn’t be too surprised as we discover that only the people who are playing by the rules are the ones who are ever tagged for violating ‘community standards’. It is because a whole new community has been created. And its ‘standards’ are as dark and shifty as the people who have invented it and are demanding control of that collapsing chaotic community.

It was Jesus who said that His true followers would be hated by the people who naturally fit into this world and its larceny. He also said that this world will love those who truly belong to it. Those wordly people can and will lie, cheat, kill and steal in order to obtain all the junk that makes them wealthy and powerful. But none of those ill-gotten winnings can be carried into eternity. After they have played their last hand, they will wind up possessing only the memories of all the rotten things they did that ultimately gained them an empty eternity separated from God.Before Pontius Pilate lifted his thumb in the air above the mob at the pavement when he asked for their judgment as to who would be spared – Jesus or Barabbas – the wicked priests (just like a determinedly slanted liberal 21st century press) had already run through that crowd and spread the word that Jesus had to be crucified. And the spineless sheep in that gathering were then just as compliant as the mob today that is obediently marching in step with the lie of political correctness. We really shouldn’t expect anything other than what this crooked world has been about since the time it began. Liars will continue to win, for the moment, in their lying. And the innocents will continue to be crucified for violating whatever at the time constitutes ‘community standards’. But the ones who will ultimately be vindicated and win what really matters – forever – will be those who trust in the Lord and thereby do His will. I certainly can’t judge who might wind up in hell. But, while we are here, it is easy to see who makes this life most hellish. And all that they do in achieving that, though they may believe they are getting away with something, is also pitifully obvious.

And the wheels of justice grind slow … yet exceedingly fine.

This post was originally published at Canada Free Press and is reposted here under a CreativeCommons, Non-Commericial 3.0 license.