Source: Deseret News

“Utah’s four House members — all Republicans — voted again Thursday to repeal the law, and this time also voted for its proposed replacement, the American Health Care Act. The bill, which stalled six weeks earlier and failed to reach a vote, this time narrowly passed the House, 217-213. It next goes to the Senate for consideration. . . .Chairman Ben Ray Lujan said
the bill raises premiums and deductibles, tosses 24 million Americans off their insurance, and lets insurers charge more for preexisting conditions. “That means if you, your kids or your parents are sick with cancer, diabetes or any other illness, insurance will not be affordable,” he said.”

“Loosen the age-band so insurers can charge older folks more under Obamacare, insurers could only charge older enrollees three times more than younger policy holders. The GOP bill would widen that band to five-to-one, which would hike premiums for those in their 50s and early 60s, but reduce them for younger folks. States would also be allowed to seek waivers to allow insurers to charge older consumers even more than five times younger ones.”