Feb 20, 2024

The legislature often gets inside their BIG Bubble and is not aware of the “real world” of moms and dads and children and people working from pay check to pay check. It causes them to sometimes forget those on the outside who they are representing.

I try to be respectful of those who represent us and thank them for their service, but this time they have done the people of Utah a great disservice and I MUST speak out!

I wish they had a bird’s eye view of the people they represent, who mostly treat each other with respect and decency, allowing for Grace because we all need that! I wish they could see what this rabid ferocious behavior towards public servant Natalie Cline looks like to us little people.

Sure Natalie is outspoken and in your face, but before she came along these TERRIBLE things were hidden inside a DEEP dark closet. Yes, she made a mistake but corrected it quickly. Her whole effort and heart is clearly to help our innocent children who don’t have the ability to speak out for themselves about what they are seeing and experiencing in public schools. Parents who run ragged from one thing to the next elected Natalie for these reasons. And at some point if they cease to like what Ms. Cline does, they can elect someone else. That is the check against power.

I didn’t elect my representatives to babysit the state school board members. I mean they could’ve called the board out when they voted as a body to ignore state law and allow for critical race theory and DEI to continue in our public schools, but they didn’t. Rather, they voted to censure AND condemn a woman who has given her ALL to protect Utah’s children and families; to grind her into the ground and make her obsolete!

Gov. Cox and Lt Gov. Deidre Henderson used official letterhead to accuse, try and sentence Natalie in one fell swoop. Is that legal? (NO!) Where is the Due Process? Why the rush to judgement? Governor Cox called an autistic boy an a** hole on social media. And a sitting Senator made inappropriate sexual comments towards a young boy dressed in Drag sexual clothing and gyrating before the camera on a stage. Certainly, that is sexual exploitation!! The hypocrisy is beyond sickening!

This action taken by the WHOLE legislature doesn’t speak of right action, rather of how LOST they have become and how out of touch they are with their constituents.

I am ashamed for Utah. In what way have we used the Christian values we espouse to believe in and practice to guide our actions? The saddest part of all is the moral courage the legislature lacks. Their courageousness was to destroy the strappling courage of another who stands against the Goliath of slimy politics. It is worse than the lobster in the tank that pulls any lobster back down to keep them from rising above.

The worst part is that our legislature is blind to all of this! Caught in their own self-inflated bubble, they are sinking to the deepest depths of the dark ocean.

Natalie Cline we see the hypocrisy and double standards. We have eyes to see clearly. We are with you! Don’t back down! Don’t resign! Let the people decide. And for those of you who read this, reach out to your representatives who almost unanimously voted to destroy Natalie… who cares little about the children she has fought to protect. Let them know what you think. Please watch the attachments below.

Thank you Phil Lyman for having the courage, the lone voice to not censure AND condemn Natalie Cline. Vote Phil Lyman for governor and this will never happen!