By Ed Wallace / Publisher at / January 7, 2021

At least four Utahns attended the D.C. rally yesterday. They were not part of the Capitol breach, but were witnesses to the events. All is not as has been reported by the media. For instance, AP reported that hundreds were gathering in D.C. There are credible estimates of 500,000 to 1.5mil. Also, there is no historical context to connect Trump supporters to the storming of the Capitol. There has never been any similar behavior before. There is evidence of organized Antifa and Communist involvement, including a video of police escorting busloads of Antifa members into the area. There is also a claim by a facial recognition firm that says Antifa infiltrated protesters who stormed Capitol.

Lets say for conversation that they were antifa. They knew what Trump was likely to say and that the storming of the capitol would turn people against Trump. Many informed people think ANTIFA led the charge on the Capitol which means ANTIFA controlled the narrative, as they always do, and won the day, and America bought it. The reality is that Trump supporters, most likely Qanon, were inside the Capitol. But it’s Antifa that broke in with everyone thinking they were Trump supporters. It is easy for Qanon and every other dog to follow inside. 

Trump did not concede this morning. He said there will be a peaceful transition; but has said he will never concede. He knows there’s just not enough support and the courts are not responding like they should. This election will never be over; when the documented fraud comes out over time, people will see the voting rule changes and exceptions allowed that created havoc and that some exploited that.

The following are comments and links to videos that were taken by four Utahns present.

Here’s a personal account from someone who was AT the DC demonstration today… responding to an attack upon Trump:

January 6, 2020 “Personal account from the March.”: 

“So I find it comical how sooo many people on FB are commenting about what they THINK happened or the narrative they are seeing on the news regarding the March at the Capital. Well SINCE I AM HERE IN PERSON reporting and saw everything, I will tell you NOTHING aligns with what the media was and is saying – I will also tell you that close to 1.5 million people PEACEABLY Protested the entire time – Antifa showed up on the 5th and 6th dressed in Capital Police Uniforms and Trump Apparel and started attacking Trump supporters. After President Trump spoke at Elipse Park scores of people marched to the Capitol in protest of what is thought to be wide-spread fraud and THAT IS THEIR RIGHT!! 6 people broke into the capital and all 6 were identified as Antifa members and arrested. So please get your story straight before you villionize a lot of people.”

Teena Porter Horlacher, also from Davis County, stated “I am a witness. This is true. I am in DC and took part in the PEACEFUL PROTEST. We have the right to peacefully protest. It is American!”

Teena also posted a live video feed from the Capitol:

And, a video after the rally:

And, a Debrief of the #SaveAmericaMarch before she leftD.C. this morning:

Olivia Horlacher posted a video ”What I saw during the #SaveAmericaMarch in DC on 01/06/2021:“

Olivia also commented and shared some videos: “The #SaveAmericaMarch Wednesday was amazing! The atmosphere amongst the million+ people there was so full of hope, love, faith, excitement, patriotism and goodness. There were prayers offered at every turn. There was kindness shared by strangers all marching together. Everything was peaceful and no destruction was caused to buildings, shops or any other structure or person.

Hearing President Trump speak about love of country and standing for truth was inspiring! He encouraged a peaceful march to the Capitol to make our voices heard by Congress, who were inside voting on the Electoral College certification. To hear the waves of people chanting “USA” and “We love Trump” and “God bless America” and joining in with then filled my heart with such joy! As we marched up Pennsylvania Avenue we sang the National Anthem and other patriotic songs and cheered. It was a beautiful experience.

Once at the Capitol we continued to chant and sing. At one point tear gas was used on those who were on the West steps (where the inauguration takes place). While some with megaphones tried to call people forward, most started to move back. The rumors of mass chaos, violence and evil is blatantly false! We learned later that there was a breach of the Capitol with a small group of people, many of whom have been identified as extremists (and possibly ANTIFA). Their actions and law-breaking are to be condemned. The vast crowds where we were on the West lawn were not aware of any issue except that tear gas had been used and Capitol Police were shepherding people away from the windows. Many of us offered prayers for our country, our President and the safety of all in our midst. There was such an air of peace, made even calm with some beautiful horns (shofar?) being blown throughout the crowd.

To be clear, violence for the sake of violence is never the answer. What happened inside the Capitol and the extreme behavior exhibited there is to be condemned. Every patriot there will testify and show proof of the peace exhibited by the masses. We were there to uphold the law and we were law-abiding citizens. We were exercising our Constitutional right to assemble and peacefully protest and it was peaceful and so good!”

Dalane England, from Davis County, wrote:

Since we haven’t had anything to eat or drink all day, we are going to find some food regardless of the mayor’s mandates. It is freezing, but I can’t help but think of the great patriots at Valley Forge. Although my feet are wet and cold, I have shoes and socks. It is amazing to be with so many patriots! The most touching moment was when, at the Capitol, a chaplain led a group of about 12 Marines gathering in a circle and kneeling in prayer, for our country, our freedom, and voter integrity. We joined in as did many others around us. This is what patriots do.

It was almost all very peaceful. We were on the back side, the inauguration side. There were many who crossed over the wall into the bleachers. We were tear-gassed by the national guard.  It’s pretty painful. We were basically incapacitated for 15 minute, then we recovered. We had no idea that antifa broke in on the other side. It seemed the teargas was so over the top, but seeing what antifa did on the front side, the security was committed to keeping everyone out. There was nothing like that on the back side. There were guys in their respirators and helmets. They were trying to get the Trump supporters to breach. They were absolutely inciting.  Unfortunately, it appears some good people got caught up. We heard a woman was shot and killed. We can’t confirm that yet.”

Long-time conservative political activist and radio host Tim Alders, from Utah County, stated:

“I want to share my thoughts with you about what I wish to take from these last few days in DC. The important words our President said at the Rally: “Our brightest days are before us; our greatest achievements still wait. I think one of our great achievements will be election security because nobody, until I came along, had any idea how corrupt our elections were…. Our exciting adventures and boldest endeavors have not yet begun. My fellow Americans for our movement, for our children and for our beloved country, and I say this, despite all that’s happened, the best is yet to come.”

Now many of you know me but most do not. I have spent years of my life trying to educate people on the true history of our nation and the troubles we face both live on the radio and off. Once again, I hope and pray, they can make a difference in just one person’s life. For those that know me you understand it goes against the very core of grain to be like others and just tell you what I know you want to hear so I will stay true to myself and speak the truth, the plain and simple truth what a lost value the truth is in this country.

Lying or manufacturing of facts have become such an art form in today’s political world. How many of you have heard the career politician say I have been one of the most conservative voices in Washington through my years spent there. I mean let’s get real…. that is like saying I am the least poisonous viper in a den of snakes. Honestly just because you are a car thief in a group of armed robbers does not make you a better person. All it says to me is you have a broken value system.

Washington seems to work off of a broken value system that lacks the moral compass to point them down the correct path. I must deliver to you all some bad news. Washington DC is not the solution! As a people, we have been misled, misrepresented, and mistakenly convinced that Washington can fix the problem. That in itself is a misrepresentation of the facts. Without a well-informed populous, Washington has no motivation to change. This might seem like a bold statement but I think this audience understands what I just said. Our politicians have become so comfortable in their job that they feel untouchable and that makes them unremorseful.

Unfortunately for us another simple truth is a person cannot serve two masters. Most people with common sense would say that statement is true but why is it then we put our faith in politicians who make promises to both us and the people who contribute to their campaign. I have had the opportunity to interview many people who have held office on both the local and federal level and they all admit they have more contacts with special interest then with their constituents.

As our wise founding father’ John Adams Stated “Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.” This I will follow up with a statement from Andrew Jackson, “It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes.”

Now I will never be so bold as to say I could go to Washington and change any of them because D.C lacks the political will to do what needs to be done. However, there is something I feel we can change in Washington that would have an impact on all of these issues: Unite the best we can against the very people who wish to separate us! How can we achieve this? When I first got on the radio I came up with an acronym I call it “WISE.” It is very simple to achieve: Wake up, become informed and involved, and share what you are learning with anyone who will listen and even those who won’t. Become active participants in the world around us. The enemy is all around us and at times the battle seems pointless. I know. We are outgunned and out spent but one last quote from our President from last night. “With your help over the last four years, we built the greatest political movement in the history of our country and nobody even challenges that. I say that over and over, and I never get challenged by the fake news, and they challenge almost everything we say. But our fight against the big donors, big media, big tech and others is just getting started. This is the greatest in history.”

We have a choice here: we can get lost in whatever it was that happened last night! We can despair over the election outcome! Or what if we combined all our efforts like our founders before us. They had differences but united for a common goal. We have one recourse left to us in my opinion like the Declaration of Independence states. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

Final thoughts as I leave for airport about what I’ve both written and spoken. – Video

Another Utahn stated:  I saw a video of what looked like ANTIFA types using their classic metal tipped umbrellas to break glass at the Capitol. That’s their tactic. I didn’t see Trump people using umbrellas.

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How the GOP lost control of Washington, and what comes next: “Rather, its outcome was cemented long before Labor Day 2020 by a Democratic machinery of former Barack Obama proteges, like David Plouffe, John Podesta, David Axelrod and Stacey Abrams, who worried far less about the tactics of ads, travel (Joe Biden hardly did!) and fundraising and far more about the strategy of how to control the narrative and the rules that would shape the outcome.” “They even told the Republicans and the public what they planned to do. Just read Plouffe’s book, “A Citizen’s Guide to Beating Donald Trump.” They even boastfully predicted days before how the vote count would roll out on election night and for several days later. Trump would lead early, and Biden would surpass late, they said.” Touchdown!

They rigged the rules in their favor. One Republician stated: “It’s not popular to hold principles, civility, or honesty anymore. This is the nation’s darkest hour. I wish we still had 51 conservatives who fought for our right to a fair election, an elected President, our Constitution and country. We’re in a sad state of affairs.” 

That article does show how changing/suspending the rules allowed Democrats too much flexibility. They knew if they just shotgunned multiple ballots to households what would happen; who would fill in the extras and who would not.

Another comment surfaced today from Jack Watts that is worth mentioning. Here is his comment in full: “

Jack Watts

tSponsrou10reduha  · COMMON SENSE: With just two weeks to go in the Trump Presidency, why would Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) ask for the 25th Amendment to be invoked? Why would Schumer want Trump removed from office? With so little time left, doesn’t this seem odd to you? It feels more like a dramatic moment in a soap opera than a necessary action to be taken. After all, Joe Biden is now the President-Elect. Because he has official status, what’s the big deal about hounding Trump out of office? Could there be a reason for this. There is. Let me tell you what it is.

While Antifa was rampaging through the Capitol during Biden’s ratification, pretending to be Trump supporters, across the ocean in Rome, Italy, Arturo D’elio, an employee at Leonardo SpA, was busy providing sworn testimony in court. Where D’elio works is important. Leonardo is the world’s eighth largest defense contractor, and Italy is a member of NATO.In his deposition, D’elio revealed the scheme that proved to be successful in using Leonardo computer systems as well as military satellites located in Pescara, Italy. D’elio’s hi-tech equipment altered the election results in the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States. D’elio swore under oath that he altered results in seventeen states—that’s right, seventeen, not just the six swing states.

Those who participated in this scheme were not minor players. Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, was involved. So were officials at the U.S. Embassy in Rome. MI-6 and the CIA were involved. Others were involved too, household names in the USA, but revealing those scoundrels will have to wait.

What we have here is not just the smoking gun. It’s the confession of the person who used the gun. His sworn testimony is evidence, the very thing we have long awaited. We have always known that votes were altered. Now, we know not only how it was done but also who the people were who were responsible for changing the election’s outcome. We have proof about who stole votes from Trump and gave them to Biden.

The scandal this has produced in Italy is so large that Conte’s government will probably fall. It should. That this has happened is being repressed by the U.S. media. No surprise about this but, because this is the biggest story since Pearl Harbor, I don’t believe it can be swept under the rug. The bad guys, those like Chuck Schumer and even some Republicans, know it’s coming. This is why they want to get rid of President Trump once and for all.

This discovery may have come too late, but maybe not. Perhaps there is still time to save our republic. Share this far and wide. I’ve provided links to the evidence and to the analysis. While writing this, Numbers 32:23 came to mind. “Be sure, your sin will find you out.”—Jack Watts

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