By Eric Moutsos with comment by Ed Wallace

Part One

Need to give my thoughts on the Natalie Cline (Who serves on the Utah School Board) incident that has now gone into National “News” …

A few days ago Natalie posted a photo of a student who appeared to look like a boy, playing on a girls high school basketball team. I will not say the team for the girls identity. Her caption was “Girls Basketball”…. The photo was in fact, a girl. However, apparently a lot of negative comments were posted below, which I didn’t read.

Once she realized it was a big mistake, she took down the post and offered a sincere apology on her Facebook Page; in fact, said “deepest apology” to the girl and her family.

After the story hit the news wire, our incredible He/Him Utah Governor decided to circle the bloody waters to attack Natalie AFTER her apology… “Unconscionable behavior” He/Him said.

Remember, this is the same person who VETOED a bill to protect MALES, from pretending to be females, in Utah school sports. Let me type it again. He/Him Cox thinks it’s OKAY that men play against women in Utah.

This is the same person who just last September Attacked a handicapped BYU student WHO NEVER said a single racial slur to the lying women’s volleyball player, calling him an A$$ Hole, then later took down the post. Was that “Unconscionable” Governor?

Or … is your public pile up on Natalie an attack on a real woman who is usually correct on 99% of the issues when she calls something out in Utah? A real woman that’s 100% more of a man, than Spencer He/Him Cox could ever be.

This is the same governor who’s now thumping this “Disagree Better” drum on every other lame social media post after the next, who decided to NOT reach out to Natalie to see what exactly she was thinking or what her intent was?

Again, it was wrong, which she admitted. But here’s the truth.

An apology isn’t enough for these people, especially a mainstream media who BLEW UP a story that wouldn’t have gone past the few hundred people who saw the original post that was since deleted WITH an apology. Is the Utah mainstream media just as guilty for the light they beamed on this girl and her family? Talk about using people as objects.

My question is this…. Why is there a double standard in Utah?

Why can a Governor who uses pronouns (who further confuses everyone in Utah, especially kids) just simply delete his Utah BYU Student A$$ Hole tweets with a simple apology? But yet still stay Governor? “Unconscionable”?

Even Lt Governor Deidre Henderson (who’s over elections) took to twitter and said she will give money Natalie Clines future opponent… Well, what about Spencer, Deidre? Why don’t you hold him accountable for when he scolded a Utah student for no other reason than pandering? Unconscionable?

Natalie, yes, it was a big mistake. A lot of us who have stood behind you see that. But Natalie, you still have thousands of people who still support the fight that you’re up against in many of these Utah Schools that continue to “teach” confusing idiologies to Utah students.

In my opinion Natalie has been a one of the greater voices when it comes to the onslaught of sexual perversion within the Utah School system; from curriculum to sexually explicit books, to trying to groom Utah children into something God never intended them to be. Right on the front line. All day long.

But Utah, my hope is to let us be consistent in “disagreeing better” when trying to cancel someone for making a big mistake. Spencer, you talk a lot about how in Utah we need more “Grace”, so let’s show it to her, right?

To the girl in the photo and her family, we are sorry this happened to you. There is no excuse. It should not have happened. Please do not let the radical left and weak moderate right USE you for their agenda. My post is geared at the Utah hypocrisy. Not you. Natalie is an incredible human and I hope you will take time to understand why she does what she does. And if you have followed Natalies work, she’s one of the reasons why -right now- a REAL boy isn’t playing against your awesome girl in basketball. We support you. 

Part Two

I’m not sure if there’s anything more frustrating than when sound asleep Worldly Christians decide to finally publicly open up their mouths against and on another person’s page who is actively trying to expose the relentless onslaught of evil.

A “Christian” who you don’t really even know is a Christian, based off of their social media wall of endless food recipes, sports scores, and their next vacation. Why? Because it seems they don’t want to disrupt their social circles and tackle tough topics our future generation of kids will now have to battle, because of their silent compliance. But instead they want to come on your page and tackle you, because of your “tone” and “approach”?

Right now in the state Utah we have a Governor who uses pronouns to identify himself to little children on zoom calls, and who vetoed a bill to ban mentally unstable men to play against women, in school sports. A governor who will most likely get voted in again, because 90% of our state is sound asleep spiritually. It’s like this across America.

And you, Worldly Christian are worried about our tone and our approach?

They say, “Why are you judging?! We aren’t supposed to judge!!” Oh really? As you are on our pages clearly passing judgement?

These are same people who think it’s more wicked to speak out against a society of parents and doctors who mutilate and chemically castrate children, than speaking out against the very act of mutilation and castration of little children.

A society who thinks it’s more virtuous to “not contend” and above all, be “nice” vs wanting to stand on certain universal truths.

“Please just focus on the good, you’re focusing on too much darkness!!”… They say… Ironically as they are commenting on your alleged “negative” post.

“You need to have more faith… Stop preaching fear!!!” they say…. I wonder what some of these people would have said behind Noah’s back before it started raining after years of warnings.

If you really do believe that silence is the final answer in probably the most immense part of this spiritual war since Adam, then please, please be quiet and get off our pages with your passive aggressive weak version of Christianity.

Worldly Christian here’s the truth, you’re more upset with those of us who are trying to expose the evil, than you are upset with the evil itself. It’s actually a form of justification for your weak silent cowardice self.

If you do really want to make a change, why don’t you join those of us trying to shine light on the darkness, than by believing we are the ones who are dark.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself, not to speak is to speak.”

We need your help.

Ed’s note

I don’t recall a situation where the mainstream media, government entities, elected officials, and parents have united to judge and destroy a good person who made a small mistake. Natalie Klein commented that a girl looked like a boy. People judge the character of others all the time here in religious Utah: she looks like a slut, his tattoos prove he is a degenerate, she’s pretty, he looks like a nice guy… all the time. That is in direct violation of “Thou shall not bear false witness…” and the Savior’s Commandment “judge not” our fellowman. (Matthew 7:1).

I call BS on the FAKE outrage about Natalie Cline. It was an unfortunate post that was misinterpreted and Natalie has removed it and apologized. The Left and Beta Republicans are merely trying to weaponize fake outrage for political ends: to remove an opponent they know fights hard to block their radical agendas. Natalie is one of the few in our state trying to PROTECT our children from the forces of evil. I stand with her.

There’s nothing more pathetic than jumping on the outrage bandwagon to try and score political points against your enemies. The establishment has been trying to get rid of Klein for years.

Ask yourself: Should the UTGOP push for Nate Blouin, a Utah state senator, to resign for this disgusting post which clearly objectifies a young child. Moreover the police should investigate this for sexual crimes against a minor. #ResignNateBlouin #Impeach.

How about Democrat State School Board member Carol Lear talking about what should be included in the mission and vision of the USBE)…  “I’m not a fan of preserving our Constitutional Republic, but if we have to do that to make the legislature happy, I will hold my nose and agree with it”

Id rather have a flawed fighter who fights than a supposed “righteous” coward who cowers.