By Ed Wallace, Publisher of / June 17, 2022

The Republicans of Kane County, by voting in the primary election on June 28th, will soon decide who is best suited to represent their rights. Every election is important, but this one will likely decide if the county will survive and prosper or continue on with the same old, same old.

So, what’s wrong with that? 

Well, 94% of the county is owned by the federal and state governments, which treat the residents more like subjects instead of free citizens. Most of the budget is controlled by the State, which has decreed that 47% of the tax dollars generated by tourism be used exclusively to market tourism to create more tourism, thus locking the economy into a narrow industry that is reliant on factors that the residents have no control over, and may not even want. What happens when gas becomes too expensive, or there’s another pandemic, war, natural catastrophe, or social unrest? 

What about the massive coal reserves? Logging, minerals, and other resources that the overlords refuse to open? Why have they made it impossible for Kane County to thrive?

That’s a question that every resident should be asking, and should be a priority for which every elected official on every level should be fighting for.

Kane County is at a pivot point. The next ten years are projected to bring 38% growth. Will the standard of living increase if most of those jobs are in the service sector instead of higher paying, specialized work? Can the infrastructure support that increase?

Kane County NEEDS to be represented by people who understand the economic and social environment, the proper role of government, and who have developed relationships with other neighboring counties, state and federal officials, AND who can think strategically while being a guiding and creative force in finding solutions for the complex challenges ahead. 

There’s only one candidate for County Commissioner who has those abilities: Celeste Meyeres.

Celeste Meyeres is running for Kane County Commission Seat B. She currently serves as Kane County GOP Chair, and on the City Council of Kanab. Her former roles include Chair of the Kanab Planning Commission, and County-wide Coordinator for the successful tax reform referendum effort. 

She also serves on the UTGOP Central Committee as one of the leaders of Utah’s Republican Party, along with our U.S. Senators and House Representatives, members of the Utah Executive Branch, and House and Senate Leadership. The State Central Committee (SCC) is the governing body of the Republican party. 

She is a real Constitutional Conservative and has a proven record of voting and advocating to protect our shared values of limited and lean government.

She has been a tireless advocate for families, children and parental rights. She was the only candidate or elected official that stood with the parents who wanted to take back their rights to make medical decisions for their children. Defending our Constitutional rights is not politics or posturing to her. 

She believes that the free market is generally better in handling growth and development. The government’s job is protecting the safety and well-being of its citizens, and the government shouldn’t intervene beyond certain limits.

She understands what being a Commissioner entails, and that it’s a full-time, involved occupation, in order to be done well and done right.

State leaders have learned to like and respect her, and take her seriously. They listen to and act on her suggestions, because experience has shown them that her strategies are ethical and effective.

Celeste Meyeres with Congressman Burgess Owens, Senator MIke Lee, and former speaker of the Utah House, Greg Hughes

She has upheld and supports the traditional Caucus and Convention process instead of the newer mandate that allows anyone with deep pockets to self-identify as a Republican and gather enough signatures to force a primary. There are many Republican candidates statewide who are supported and funded by the establishment elite and would never be on the ballot if not for the lose my voice “Count My Vote” – SB54 (CMV), legislation passed a few years ago. 

The last thing Utah’s puppet masters wanted was for the citizens of Utah to have a deciding voice through the caucus/convention system. 

That bill stripped the right of a political party to pick their own candidates and has been abused by the establishment elites, crony capitalists and RINOS since it was passed several years ago. They knew that they would never make it past GOP delegates, who tend to be more informed and conservative than the average voter.

Under the guise of fairness and inclusion, CMV was really the diabolical usurpation of Utah’s democracy by those special interests. It was the largest fraud and manipulation that has ever been launched against Utah citizens, and it was very successful.

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A case in point is Senator Romney’s election in 2018. Romney collected signatures (he hates the caucus system and thinks it’s beneath him) AND lost to Mike Kennedy at the 2018 Utah Republican Convention, but forced and then won a primary.

Romney’s family was one of the original benefactors of the CMV movement by contributing $100,000 and moved to Utah a few months after SB54 passed. Soon after, he launched his campaign. Coincidence?

The simple fact is that the established elite have used our party as a tool to remain in power for decades and have pushed their agenda that has seen our government grow to the point where it is no longer manageable by Constitutional standards.

Our party is infested with politicians who claim to be conservative Republicans but govern like Democrats. We don’t need any more people who pretend to be Republicans. We need leaders who will stand firm for our party and our platform, which is built entirely on conservative Constitutional principles.

Our state needs us to lead in righteousness, with honor and character, and with grace. When we are at our best, there is no other group of people more suited to assume a leadership role in picking up the pieces of what’s left of our country after two to four years of a democrat, socialist regime.

Celeste Meyeres is measured, never cruel, always compassionate, resolute in everything she has ever accomplished, and is strongly principled. She thinks things through, is unwavering in her moral center, and is able to be honest without ever being petty. 

Celeste is a Utah treasure and one of Kane County’s most valuable resources and will lead Kane County into a smart and secure future.

Kane County is lucky to have her. Will the County’s leaders (the citizens) take this opportunity to elect her as Commissioner?

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