The Utah Republican Party has made great strides since 2010 and has come a long way in ridding itself of the small cadre of establishment RINO types that have had a stranglehold on Utah for decades. This is particularly noticeable with the majority of the GOP’s State Central Committee (SCC) as they battle to save the Caucus-Convention system AND their own Chairman’s efforts to bankrupt and destroy the party. Does that sound harsh or over the top? It isn’t.

These SCC members have been solid in their defense of the UTGOP’s principles and platform. They have never blinked as they’ve carry the banner of liberty and freedom against some pretty mighty foes including all of Utah’s Mainstream media.

The last thing our party needs right now is an empty-suit that has worked just as hard as the SCC members have, except for the other side, by actively supporting the unConstitutional Count My Vote SB54 (CMV) and the wholesale destruction of our caucus since 2014. The simple fact is that the leaders of the Utah Republican Party are responsible for CMV.  The Media, CMV and SB54 folks have used the party debt as a club to beat up the party and force them to do their will for years. Very powerful people don’t like it when the Grassroots caucus organize and take care of business and will stoop to any method of thwarting the effort. If the Republican Party and caucus has to go down in order for “The Empire” to maintain control, then so be it. There are casualties in every war.

Our party need a warrior. Our SCC needs our support. Our party needs Marlee Meyers. I can’t emphasize this enough. It is crucial that we are represented on all levels by representatives that have a firm understanding and foundation in Constitutional principles. I know that Marlee will work tirelessly to protect the Republican Party from those party leaders who are trying to destroy it in order to maintain their own self-interests and agenda.

I have no reservations with supporting Marlee. I know that my freedom, and my wallet, will be protected from unscrupulous and diabolical politicians who say that they’re trying to protect our vote while they try to buy and steal it.

If we are to benefit from the wisdom of the founders, we must be better educated within our own ranks regarding the principles they endorsed. The founders took measures to steer clear of democracy and explained why. The Caucus system was put in place to keep representation as close to the people as possible while ensuring that campaigns are focused on intelligent debate rather than financial clout.

If the problem is ignorance then let’s fix it. If the problem is contempt then let’s expose it. The comparison is simple: Either we believe in our capacity for self-government or we abandon our principles as Americans and let the few wealthy control our elections.

It’s your vote… stand up and protect it. It’s your voice… don’t give it away. Marlee will give all she has to stand with you and protect your voice and your vote. This is why I will stand with her.

For more information on the battle within our own party, click here.

Ed Wallace, Publisher – – April 12, 2018