By Ed Wallace / Publisher / July 17, 2021

All of us have people in our lives that have inspired and influenced us. My life has been blessed to have Larry Meyers as a mentor and a friend. Larry is a living example that citizen participation is absolutely necessary for the preservation of our liberty. He has inspired me to join that eternal cause and is one of a handful of close associates that I trust to counsel with on difficult issues. He once told me in an interview: “I wake up with a desire to stand for freedom and be involved.”  

Larry understands that our founding documents are the basis of our freedom and republic and that those principles and ideas are worth conserving and renewing. As a public servant, he recognizes that the most effective solutions are consistent with those Constitutional values. He understands that the proper role of government should be protecting life and liberty, not providing for every want and need. He will not hesitate to put those principles into practice. 

He carries with him 32 years of experience and his hard work in the WashCo and Utah Republican party shows his dedication to the values he upholds as a Republican. Larry has always been a voice for the people and has called upon our elected representatives to defend against a government that is actively working against our interests, our children’s economic prospects, and the democratic processes that we have spent over 200 years defending. 

We never know what the future may bring but we can project how we’ll respond based on the values we hold and who we are. I can tell you some things that we will NEVER SEE while Larry Meyers is shepherding Washington County:

  1. We will not see the establishment of an unelected bureaucracy that will have the power to order us around with our daily behavior while being accountable to no one. 
  2. We will never see a “quasi-government” entity that has the power to impose ”Excessive Use Fees” while forcing our city governments to act as tax collectors by taking new impact fees from county taxes while having zero accountability as to how that money is spent.
  3. We will not see approving $25 million to build the grandest structure in the County to house a government that is growing faster than the population. The leap from 28,358 to 142,000 sq ft reflects the philosophy that big government is becoming more popular, locally and nationwide.
  4. We will never see Larry Meyers bowing down to political correctness that seeks to cancel our history and culture while replacing it with Marxist principles.
  5. We will not see any support for a movement to defund our police while lessening or ignoring the laws that govern our society.  

By Their Fruits, Ye Shall Know Them

In recent times, Larry has:

  1. Co-sponsored and voted for the Republican State Central Committee Resolution against Critical Race Theory, which passed.
  2. Authored the Resolution in Support of Fiscal & Tax Responsibility, passed by SCC, June 2019.
  3. Authored the Pro-Life Resolution for Washington County and Cities, January 2020, and was co-founder of Pro-life Utah SW Chapter.
  4. Created the Walk For Freedom Petition, April 2021. 
  5. Founded the Utah Platform Republicans PAC, in 2020, which resulted in 6 new conservative state Senators and House members. The PAC was the first Republican-related organization in Utah to formally censure Senator Mitt Romney. 
  6. Authored and sponsored the WashCo Republican Resolution to formally censure Senator Romney, the first County in the state to pass.  
  7. Co-Founded the Alliance for Utah’s Future, the largest group of conservative activists and organizations in Utah.

We are blessed with many good candidates for this position. But, there can only be one winner. I have a high bar and the last candidate I endorsed was Travis Seegmiller in 2018. That turned out pretty well. I would expect nothing less from Larry Meyers.