ISIS. It’s a problem. The Obama Administration has spent more time denying the reality of the situation than crafting a viable solution to defeat the savages. We’ve heard it all– “They just need jobs!” “We don’t understaaaaaand their culture!” “They don’t even have anything to do with Islam!” “We can end the violence with love!”

Just when I thought I’ve heard it all, U2’s Bono comes out and drops this doozy.

Bono testified before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee Tuesday and told lawmakers that we need to “send in” comedians like Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen to the Middle East. You know, so they can tell jokes in the streets, which will neutralize the bloodshed, because it’s hard to chop off heads while laughing at Amy Schumer’s jokes. Or something.

more an video at Source: U2’s Bono Tells Congress How To Fight ISIS, And It Involves Amy Schumer