Two “dark money” groups, American Economic Freedom Alliance and American Prosperity Alliancecontributed $4 million to Conservative Americans PAC, a new OpenSecrets analysis of the super PAC’s August monthly filings revealed. The “pop-up” super PAC spent over $2.4 million in GOP primary races for U.S. House seats in Missouri, Tennessee and Arizona from July 19 to 29.

Because Conservative Americans PAC filed a statement of organization with the Federal Election Commission on July 11, it was not required to disclose its donors until Saturday. But voters cast their ballots in the five GOP primaries during the first week of August, unaware of who was spending millions to influence the outcome of these races. 

“[D]edicated to electing true conservatives who will fight the radical left, socialists and woke mob,” according to its barebones website, Conservative Americans PAC spent money opposing four candidates. In Missouri, state Sens. Rick Brattin in the 4th District and Mike Moon in the 7th District lost their GOP primaries. State Sen. Eric Burlison in Missouri’s 7th District and Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District won theirs. The only candidate supported by Conservative Americans PAC outside spending, former Navy Seal Eli Crane, won the GOP primary in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District.

A new dark money group, American Prosperity Alliance, contributed $4.8 million of the more than $5.7 million reported through July. Conservative Americans PAC refunded $1.6 million to American Prosperity Alliance one day after the dark money group’s last $1.6 million contribution in July, bringing that total down to $3.2 million.

Neither American Prosperity Alliance nor Conservative Americans PAC responded to requests for comment from OpenSecrets…..

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