By Ed Wallace / Publisher / March 14, 2022

The American Military Times reported today that “Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney accused former U.S. congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii of spreading “treasonous lies” on Sunday after she shared concerns about deadly pathogens escaping from the U.S. funded biological laboratories in Ukraine amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country.

On Sunday, Gabbard, who is an active member of the Hawaii Army National Guard tweeted, “There are 25+ U.S. funded biolabs in Ukraine which if breached would release & spread deadly pathogens to US/world. We must take action now to prevent disaster. US/Russia/Ukraine/NATO/UN/EU must implement a ceasefire now around these labs until they’re secured & pathogens destroyed.”

In her video interview with Tucker Carlson, Gabbard went on to say there are 25 to 30 “biolabs” in Ukraine and “according to the U.S. government,” are conducting research on dangerous pathogens.

“Ukraine is an active war zone with widespread bombing, artillery and shelling,” Gabbard added. “And these facilities, even in the best of circumstances, could easily be compromised and release these deadly pathogens.”

Gabbard went on to say that the pathogens could spread to other countries in Europe and the U.S. and cause illness and death, like COVID-19.

“These labs need to be shut down immediately and the pathogens that they hold need to be destroyed,” Gabbard said.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) accused Gabbard of spreading “Russian propaganda” and “treasonous lies.”

“Tulsi Gabbard is parroting false Russian propaganda. Her treasonous lies may well cost lives,” Romney said.

Gabbard responded to Mitt Romney – “@MittRomney, you have called me a ‘treasonous liar’ for stating the fact that “there are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine which if breached would release & spread deadly pathogens to US/world” and therefore must be secured in order to prevent new pandemics. Bizarrely, you claim that securing these labs (or even calling for securing these labs) is treasonous and will lead to a loss of life, when the exact opposite is obviously true. The spread of pathogens is what will cause the loss of life, not the prevention of such spread. 

Senator Romney, please provide evidence that what I said is untrue and treasonous. If you cannot, you should do the honorable thing: apologize and resign from the Senate. Evidence of the existence of such biolabs, their vulnerability, and thus the need to take immediate action to secure them is beyond dispute: #1. State Department’s Victoria Nuland acknowledged such labs containing dangerous pathogens exist in Ukraine in her testimony to the US Senate (March 8, 2022): “Ukraine has biological research facilities which, in fact, we are quite concerned that Russian troops may be seeking to gain control of. We are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach.” #2. Pentagon Fact sheet (March 11, 2022) has numerous statements directly & indirectly confirming the existence of such biolabs. “The United States, through BTRP, has invested approximately $200 million in Ukraine since 2005, supporting 46 Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and diagnostic sites.” #3. CBS Face the Nation (March 13, 2022) correspondent David Martin by a Pentagon official told him they’re concerned about the existence of such biolabs in Ukraine:  “The concern is that the Russians will seize one of these biomedical research facilities that Ukraine has where they do research on deadly pathogens like botulism and anthrax, seize one of those facilities, weaponize the pathogen, and then blame it on Ukraine and the US, because the US has been providing support for some of the research being done in those facilities.” #4. In April 2020, in refuting Russia’s accusation that U.S. is using biolabs in Ukraine to develop biological weapons, U.S. Embassy in Ukraine acknowledged there are U.S. funded labs in Ukraine working with pathogens for vaccine & other peaceful purposes #5. CNN fact-check (March 10, 2022): “There are US-funded biolabs in Ukraine, that much is true.” #6. Furthermore, according to the DoD there are two biolabs in Ukraine that have been under Russian control for some time: “Russia illegally took possession of two Ukrainian-owned laboratories that BTRP upgraded in 2014 and continues to deny Ukrainian access to these facilities.”

“So, Senator Romney, you have a choice: out of pride, continue to deny the truth or admit you are wrong, apologize, and resign.”

On March 14, 2022, The Department of Defense released a fact sheet that details a program it has funded from 2005 “through the present day” in Ukraine which gives money to biological laboratories.

American Military News reported that “The DoD fact-sheet detailed the program known as the Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP), which is a subordinate program of the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Program aimed at reducing the threat of pathogens. The fact sheet further said Ukraine has taken steps to secure biological samples, to prevent the “real concern” that dangerous pathogens could be released amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country.

The fact sheet stated BTRP has “invested approximately $200 million in Ukraine since 2005, supporting 46 Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and diagnostic sites.” The fact-sheet also said CTR “began its biological work with Ukraine to reduce the risk posed by the former Soviet Union’s illegal biological weapons program, which left Soviet successor states with unsecured biological materials after the fall of the USSR.”

On April 23, 2020, the US Embassy in Ukraine acknowledged that there are biological laboratories in Ukraine that are under the control of the Pentagon. The statement  emphasized the labs were defensive in nature. The embassy stated “The Biological Threat Reduction Program’s priorities in Ukraine are to consolidate and secure pathogens and toxins of security concern and to continue to ensure Ukraine can detect and report outbreaks caused by dangerous pathogens before they pose security or stability threats.”

The labs were sponsored and built by Germany, France, Israel and the US under the auspices of NIH, DoD and Walter Reed.   As the Ukraine conflict began, a mass dismantling of these US illegal labs was ordered by Zelensky.   Fortunately for the West, most of these ‘innocent tonics’ were sequestered to the US for safe keeping. Of course their existence is being systematically ‘deleted’ from all reference including expunging NED’s funding of anything Ukraine, the US Embassy website has hit the delete button and surely the media have been told to completely ignore the story and call it ‘fake news’.

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