Trump was in our awesome city of Indianapolis yesterday, and his speech cut into our show a little bit, so we were able to talk about it immediately on the air with our audience. You can access yesterday’s full show here, if you’re so inclined.

O’Reilly interviewed Trump while he was in Indy, and I found this interview interesting – especially around the 3:20 mark. He admits that in some cases “he’s had to be nasty,” almost as though he can calm down now and not be so nasty. Like he had to be nasty during the campaign cycle just to win so that he can be a different dude now if he does win.

I’m not sure how I feel about that, mainly because I’m the same person all the time. I don’t have different personalities based on the situation. But your mileage may differ. I mean, I realize politics is cut-throat and NASTY. (Mock and I have restraining orders to prove it.) Perhaps Trump feels as though he had to pull out all the stops just to get to the top and win. He was the underdog, after all. At least, this may be what’s going through his head. Where other people may have kept the discourse at kind and gentle, Trump went, well, balls-to-the-wall during this cycle. And it’s been really ugly at times. But it’s obviously worked for him.

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