by Wayne Wickizer, USN Columnist, March 6, 2024

The Corona Virus MANDEMIC hoax spawned the infamous “Cares Act.” This hoax has launched the single most sinister financial fraud in the history of our Nation and perhaps the World.

A “HUSH” has descended all around the fraud like a dark, dank fog over a frothing, festering, cesspool. It is, “’HUSH money‘ and ‘HUSH don’t tell‘ or we will all be in trouble.” Yes, this hoax has birthed an almost perfect crime. It is an “AC/DC crime” with victim and perpetrator indistinguishable one from the other. From all indications, elected Goodfellas and Tribal Leaders operating above and beyond the scrutiny of modest Pueblos and mud huts are reveling in “Cares Act” grift while other Native American Moms and Dads struggle mightily to survive and feed their families.

The “Cares Act” raided the U.S. Treasury to the tune of ~$5trillion. The funds were distributed down into the USA via several channels one of which is the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF). Approximately ~964 prime recipients have received ~$150B in Coronavirus Relief Funds spread out among sub-recipients.

It is estimated that during the “Trail of Tears” of yesteryears ~100,000 Native Americans, including the Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole nations,  were uprooted from their ancestral lands during the 1830s.  The phrase “Trail of Tears” has come to encapsulate for even today the collective suffering of  Native American, under-represented, poverty level, 21st Century, desert, tundra, and forest dwellers.

The “[Who] Cares Act” supposedly directed BILLIONS of “Corona[fraud] Relief Funds” (CRF) to various Native American Nations.  Where did all that money go?  Did average tribal members receive any benefit from it?  Or did perverse special interests line their pockets again at tribal expense?  Where there’s smoke there’s fire along the same old “Trail of Tears.”

New Mexico’s Governor
“No Guns” Grisham Lit the Match in 2024.

Grisham presides over a State that like a battered boxer is on the ropes sucking for wind, begging
for water … and desperate for
ethical, moral, and spiritual

To New Mexico’s Native American Nations, “Have any of the following $5,504,036,430.90 in CRF monies filtered down to you and your villages?”  If not, are you keeping an eye on those who manage this … your money?  If some of the following, critically important spreadsheets don’t load quickly, please be patient and follow the instructions.  Click on the arrow in the upper right corner to expand the spreadsheet.

Download [134.36 KB]

Since this data were published a number of years ago, why has the Government identified the Sub-recipients only as “Not Yet Available for Public Display”?  Is fear of exposure driving the decision to NOT disclose Sub-recipient details?

STOP! THINK! LOOK! LISTEN!  Imagine entrusting your hard earned money into the hands of someone to manage it.  Your money was managed, but no one would tell you how, why, or who?  All they would say for years is that it is, “Not Yet Available for Public Display.”  Those events, our friends, merit a warning of and alert for … 

Smoking Guns

As we dive deeper into this project, we’ll be back repeatedly with other reports.  We are confident that the following factual scenario plays out among other grifting Governors.  It will be our opportunity, destiny, and mission to expose what we find.

For example, the following spreadsheet represents the year 2022’s $5,504,036,430.90 “chunks” of the CRF “Grift Dump” into the Nations.  After a compilation and comparison of how much CRF money was available to NM Nations, we get to see how much gun grabbing Gov. Grisham grifted from the Nations in ~2022.  For “Follow the Money’s” report of all of Grisham’s grift, click HERE.  To find the CRF data, click HERE

Download [71.51 KB]

We know CRF funds were initially dispersed in 2020; therefore, the $122,455,124.51 (or as we now know ~$250,500.00) were indeed CRF funds or in other words COVID MANDEMIC funds whose ostensible purpose was to bring relief and not pay politicians.  Not even one co-mingled penny of it was earmarked or envisioned for politics.  All but three of these tribes are found in New Mexico.

The reader couldn’t help but notice that silly NM gun grabbing, grifting Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham shook down the Nations to the tune of ~$200,500.00.

Are “[Who] Cares Act” Corona Relief monies directly connected to quirky, corrupt New Mexico Governor Grisham … the one who would ban, on a whim, a citizen’s right to possess firearms?   It certainly appears so! We believe that within the milieu of what the reader sees here and lurks in the data there resides more than mere suspicion.  Another “look” into the Grift and fraud is accessed from the following narrative and its appended Matrix.

Download [245.27 KB]

We analyze and report that which is shameful, inappropriate, corrupt, and unlawful.  Much of what we report is everything “but” unlawful, but indeed encompass all the other measurements of Goodfella conduct.  Indeed, we are actively and purposefully exposing circumstances that demand to be viewed in more light.

We challenge the Nations to surrender their books for examination.  Fat chance!

For Native Nations, Families, and others please help us connect the dots and expose corruption wherever it exists.