Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson stars in another type of film, one that promotes America’s morality and values. In an email Robertson writes:

I just finished a powerful film with Citizens United called Torchbearer.

It’s about how America’s Godly values made our nation great, and how turning our back on them will lead us to ruin.

You may watch the new trailer below:

Robertson notes:

Those trying to drive faith from our society, whitewash our history, and lie about what we believe are not many — but they’re loud. It’s time to drown them out.

We can do it by building a movement of courageous Americans who value the Constitution and our shared Judeo-Christian principles, and are willing to engage in the debates of our times.

I hope that Torchbearer will help to provide the necessary spark.

But Citizens United needs your help to cut through the noise and get the word out.

You can bet that the media will howl about this movie. But that’s just fine with me, as long as I know that you’ll be standing there with me.

America would be nothing without our values. Let’s make sure to protect them.

This article is republished with permission from our friend Dr. Rich Swier.