Title IX – What you need to know & how to get involved – Parents Defending Education

What is the Biden Administration about to do? On June 23, the Biden Administration announced a new federal rule that will impose major changes on how schools and universities treat boys and girls, men and women.

Bypassing Congress, the Administration is rewriting a 1972 law called Title IX that prohibits discrimination “on the basis of sex.” The Biden’s Administration new rule redefines “sex” to include gender identity and sexual orientation. What does that mean?

It means that your school will violate federal law if it fails to recognize or accept a student or staff member’s gender identity. In order to avoid violating this new law, schools will have to become highly focused on everyone’s gender identity. What will my school be forced to do?

Many school activities involve separating students based on sex. Under the new rule, schools can only separate students based on gender identity – that is, based on the gender a student “identifies” as. This will dramatically affect:…

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