Three federal agents were hurt and a Kansas motel burned down when a fugitive arrest spun out of control Saturday night.

Authorities say three federal agents from the U.S. Marshals and Federal Bureau of Investigation went to a Kansas motel Saturday night to find a “Most Wanted” suspect. They approached the motel room where they believed the suspect was staying when gunfire broke out from the room, sparking a shootout in which all three agents suffered non life threatening injuries, KMBC reports. It’s unclear how, but a fire started in the room that spread to the entire motel, which was later called a total loss. Authorities said a body was found in the same room but they have not yet identified it.

The agents were coming for Orlando J. Collins, 28, who is suspected in an aggravated assault, carjacking and multiple attempted robberies. Police say he robbed a store Friday and then stole a vehicle to flee the scene. Authorities later found the vehicle burned.

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