The head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the first time Thursday revealed five major cities that are refusing to “detain” illegal immigrants charged with crimes and sought by federal police for deportation.

Sarah Saldana, the director of ICE, named Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle as cities that “do not honor detainers,” though some notify ICE when they release a criminal illegal immigrant, forcing ICE to figure out where they’ve gone.

She also said that 25 so-called “sancutary cities” are responsible for refusing 86 percent of ICE’s demands they detain jailed illegals for police to get and likely eventually deport. Saldana said that the agency has been pressing for cooperation, and now 17 of those 25 are working with ICE.

more at Source: Miami, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Seattle won’t hold criminal illegals for Feds | Washington Examiner