Marco Rubio is in denial that his presidential chances in 2016 are over. He has lost fourteen out of fifteen contests in the primary season so far, and his only victory is in Minnesota, a liberal state Republicans haven’t won in a general election since 1972. It’s time to call it quits.

The very junior senator from Florida says he’s sticking in the race until he can turn it around when the Sunshine State holds its primary on March 15, but Donald Trump holds a commanding 20-point lead over Rubio there in his home state, according to a Feb. 24-25 PPP poll. Other big primaries between now and then include Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, and Michigan, where Rubio is losing to Trump by 18, 17, 18, and 22 points respectively. So much for Marcomentum.

Even his followers are throwing in the towel in increasing numbers and want him to form an alliance with Ted Cruz to take on the frontrunner. On the morning after his disappointing Super Tuesday performance, an oblivious Marco tweeted out, “The media may treat me like an underdog, but I’m an underdog that can win.” Out of the first 25 replies on Twitter, 24 (95 percent) were negative, and many from his supporters. For example:

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