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We break it all down for you as we unfold Utah Governor Lil’ Spencer Coxy’s “Cares Act” Cash Cow (aka “Coronavirus Relief Fund”) grifted from the U.S. Treasury, and other data provided by Follow the Money.  As always, we encourage you to do your own deep dive to verify our findings.  Please be patient as some links open slowly.

The Cash Cow for Lil’ Coxy is found in his “Executive Office of the State of Utah” … pregnant with ~$934,765,676.90 Grift.  All hyperlinks to underlying data are in blue.

Coxy’s ~$127,477,655.63 covert fund within the cow is found in the Executive Office Cash Cow.  Why don’t we get to see who got that grift?

The Executive Office of the State of Iowa, Nebraska, and Utah received $1,250,000,000.00, $1,083,865,742.00, and $934,765,676.90 funds respectively.  These state offices collectively grifted ~$14,329,117.46 to Nomi Health Inc, who in turn kicked back ~$50,000.00 to Lil’ Coxy’s campaign.

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Obvious Questions & Answers:

1. Is this for real?  Incredulous as it may seem to the uninitiated, our reports go out far-and-wide to Utah’s [S]elected Representatives, the Corporate Press Prostitutes, and many other “Key Communicators,” and we are rarely challenged for lack of accuracy.

2. Do companies receiving these monies have to report it with any detail or explanation?  We don’t know for certain the extent to which reports are made, but the outcomes are increasingly shady. 

3. How can this be legal?  We don’t see how this sort of activity could be, but who knows for certain with the level of corruption we see today?  We may still file IRS “Whistleblower” complaints naming a number of Utah’s Goodfellas.

Whatever is happening, it represents misconduct that is shameful, unusual, unethical — and should be unlawful.  Utah’s history of notoriously corrupt “pay-to-play” misconduct makes our State known — far and wide — as the Affinity Fraud Capital of America.  For those who missed the reality check, Utah was ranked by BestLife as the 2nd Most Corrupt State in America.

Utah’s Gaggle of Goodfellas Reveling over
“Cares Act” Grift!

Utah’s Corporate Press Prostitutes ignore it because they ARE the problem.  As for me, The Ole’ Buzzard, the landscape has only gotten worse in the 6 decades I’ve been in the fray.  However, the degree, the intensity, and the number of players has been amplified to a blaring cacophony of corruption.

Our data sources sometimes, surprisingly, revise their numbers. Because this is a living document, we are editing for, and updating, those revisions, and we will present different formats from time-to-time.  This work is like playing horseshoes: Getting close to the “peg” at this point will suffice as long as we link the reader to the data we’ve collected at that moment.  As we update our reports, we’ll post them here on our blog site.

The reader will repeatedly encounter the Tilde Mark “~” which we use to “signal” an approximation.  Although most of the details are exact, everything can suddenly become approximate if the books are being cooked or updates are ongoing.  Experience with the Utah Auditor’s office and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development in the past has been sadly disappointing after I caught them “cooking and the books” and “obfuscating” the data. Again, the data sources we have chosen are among the finest, but the work we are doing on the front end is a work in progress.

Newest Grifting Examples

The Executive Office of the State of Utah has $934,765,676.90 funds available.  Lil’ Coxy grifted:

  • ~$2,026,300.00 to the Utah Manufacturers Association who in turn kicked back ~$1,250.00 to Lil’ Coxy’s campaign.
  • ~$3,115,284.00 to the Sanpete County Republican Party who in turn kicked back ~$500.00 to Lil’ Coxy’s campaign.  Lil’ Coxy’s effeminate roots are in Sanpete County.
  • ~$2,896,738.00 to Qualtrics’ UT House Repub Elect Committee who in turn kicked back $2,500.00 to Lil’ Coxy’s campaign.
  • ~$50,000.00 to L&L Motors who in turn kicked back  ~$47,630.00 to Lil’ Coxy’s campaign. 
  • ~$451,621.06 to CVE Technologies Group Inc who in turn kicked back ~$45,000.00 and ~$5,000.00 to Lil’ Coxy’s campaign.
  • The Executive Office of the State of Nebraska had $1,083,865,742.00 funds available.  ~$500,000.00 was grifted to Woodbury Corporation for Castlewood Pinn which in turn kicked back ~$260.73 to Lil’ Coxy’s campaign. (Chump change, but where there’s fire, there’s often more fire.)

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Previous Grifting Examples

  • Lil Coxy’s Executive Office grifted a ~$125,000,000.00 grant to UETN taken from the Cash Cow.  See our story in an earlier posting that connects the dots to Coxy’s family business.
  • Penna Powers donated ~$1,500.00 to Lil Coxy’s campaign.  Lil Coxy’s Executive Office grifted a ~$3,519,467.83 grant to Pena Powers from the Cash Cow.  Hell-of-a-return on investment.
  • Fred Lampropoulos heads the Merit Medical corporation, a serious violator with the following sleazy record: Penalty: $18,000,000.00, Year: 2020, Date: October 19, 2020 Offense Group: government-contracting-related offenses, Primary Offense: False Claims Act and related, Secondary Offense: kickbacks and bribery.”  Lampropoulos and Merit are significant donors to Utah’s Goodfellas.  Lil Coxy got ~$50,000.00 from Lampropoulos and it looks like Merit cornered a ~$1,862,735.00 contract from the Cash Cow.  Lil’ Coxy, along with a gaggle of other Utah Goodfella grifters, personally picked up another ~$25,000.00 campaign cash from Merit Medical.
  • Love Communications donated ~$1,500.00 to Lil Coxy’s campaign years ago and just recently received a ~$7,647,637.27 contract from the Cash Cow.
  • Sundance Institute, purveyor of putrid, purulent, pusillanimous porn-cinema, received ~$1,000,000.00 from the Cash Cow.  Chump change when compared to what Utah’s Goodfella legislature has given it over the years.
  • Domo received ~$2,000,000.00 from the Cash Cow.  We compiled interesting background information from a variety of sources that connects Lil’ Coxy to Domo found HERE.
  • Leavitt Partners received ~$1,067,790.02 from the Cash Cow.  Leavitt Group Enterprises donated ~$10,000.00.  We find it interesting and vexing that Cares Act grift is going from one Governor’s Cash Cow to a former Governor’s financial interests and business, especially one so radically unfit as Michael Leavitt.
  • Management & Training Corp (MTC), a Centerville, Utah company with Global “reach,” received ~$1,512,182.70 from an Ohio Cares Act Cash Cow.  Lil’ Coxy’s campaign received ~$51,138.00 from Management and TrainingMTC is an egregious corporate malefactor that has been penalized ~$5,180,000.00 for kickbacks and bribery. 
  • Sorensen, Craig F Const Inc received $5,678,314.68 from Lil’ Coxy’s Cash Cow.  Much earlier we noted that Sorensen Construction contributed ~$5,000.00 to Lil’ Coxy’s campaign as recorded at  Currently, Coxy’s records at the state disclosures site are in a mess and worthless.  The $5,000.00 record disappeared.  From a Utah State Corporations search site: SORENSEN, CRAIG F. CONSTRUCTION, INC  Address: 918 S 2000 W Syracuse, UT 84075 State of Origin: Registered Agent: CRAIG F SORENSEN Registered Agent Address: 918 S 2000 W Syracuse, UT 84075 Status: Expired as of 09/13/2010.  The foregoing in its entirety demands a more detailed analysis and investigation.  It all stinks!
  • Rustler Lodge received $150,000.00 from Lil’ Coxy’s Cash Cow.  Rustler Investments contributed ~$42,500.00 to Lil’ Coxy’s campaign. Dan Shaw of Rustler Investments is a reported, PayDay Lending Loan Shark.  Click HERE for our discuss about the likely connections.

Individual Grifting Going On

  • Governor Lil’ Coxy’s direct campaign cash cow grifts total ~$4,569,934 via Special Interests.  Is it any wonder he was such a “Quarantine Queen“?
  • Lt Governor “Delusional” Deidre Henderson is still, at this point, a “Penny Anti” politician who will swing in the breeze if she doesn’t toe the line for Utah’s Goodfellas.  Click HERE for a look at her “Grift.”  It is noteworthy that she took $5,000.00 from Big Tobacco.  Delusional Deidre learned to make just enough RINO noise to start her kickbacks career.
  • Utah Attorney General Sean “Rapp’n Rambo” Reyes gobbled  up ~$5,712,571.00 Grift from special interests.  As for Big Pharma, Rambo Reyes was the Nation’s #2 Grifter among all Attorney’s General at a fulsome sum of ~$237,000.00.
  • Utah Senate President Stuart Adams gobbled up ~$1,237,672 in Special Interest Grift.  Notice ~$26,600.00 from Big Tobacco.
  • Utah House Speaker Mike Schultz is just getting his legs under him and will be right in with the in-crowd in no time.  He’s on the record for 429 contributions totaling $402,472.00.  His take from Big Tobacco is ~$9,500.00.
  • See Senator Lincoln “The Leech” Fillmore’s direct grift of ~$282,598.00 from Special Interests.  We find the ~$10,050.00 grift from Big Tobacco most egregious and revealing of the “Leech’s” lack of credible character.
  • It’s worth it to sneak a peek at “Unfit” Mitt Romney’s colossal grifting for  contributions totaling $547,308,582.00 click HERE and prepare to wait for 594,598 entries to load.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero