The Minority-Written Guide to Understanding the Race Game


The People’s Anthony Sullivan

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Welcome all Cubists, to The People’s Cube’s brand-new official, State-approved guide to understanding race politics, written by a party-certified minority, yours truly, The People’s Anthony Sullivan!!

Komrades, the game of race politics is indisputably dominating our daily lives in society today, it is now a fact of life.

So how, then, do you successfully survive it? How do you play it to the fullest advantage? That is what this guide is all about. If you really want to be politically korrekt, then you will be feeling my language (or not, and look like an anti-minority White supremacist, see what I did there?). So listen closely, and pay close attention to the following written by yours truly the State-approved minority political korrektness doctor.

1. Your morality is determined by race, and there is no other way.

This means that any minority means you are automatically good. If you are White, then you are bad, because you are White.

2. Hide your race/ethnicity, then reveal it later on (might not work for White people)

Speak your mind using a name that doesn’t imply race of any kind. Then when the politically korrekt blow up at you, reveal your race, and give them a seizure (and if they call you a “fake [insert race here]”, you can truthfully call them out as racist).

3. Alternative to 2: be the virtue signaller champion of the poor minorities who are always oppressed by the White people

Know that it’s always them White people causing problems in society. If you are White, fear not, for you can still be korrekt by showing just how much you care for minorities like yours truly. Unnecessarily virtue signal Champion us minority’s unquestioned and undisputed imaginary systematic oppression by the White people. Show how pollically korrekt you are by being offended at everything for us. (Disclaimer: will involve a lot of self hating, and abuse. Become a masochist at your own risk, erstwhile being forced to do it to show just how korrekt you are). Be offended at everything for us minorities. Only then will you be a champion of us minorities.

4. Only White people can be racist – minorities can NEVER be racist

(Before we begin, I’d like to mention that my sister actually thinks that you can’t be racist to White people)
Unbased prejudice against anybody based solely on their race is the dictionary definition of racism, but the loony korrekt thinking, most virtuous left have added a clause in: except when it’s directed towards White people. So if you are White, know that any unfair, unbased prejudice directed at you is totally deserved without reason with good unexplainable reason.

5. Run in circles to show how korrekt you are

To all White people reading this: no doubt there will be many circles to run around in, but if you don’t, then you are a minority hating, minority suppressing White supremacist. It is essential to run about in pointless meaningful circles that have no ending, for a circle has no beginning. Like a hamster in a wheel, you’ll never achieve what you’re running for, but at least everyone will know how korrekt you are, until the virtue signallers champions find another pointless significant problem to lay on you. Then you’ll have to run in another circle as well. And there is no rest, because a circle has no beginning, and so thus, there is no end either.

Komrades, if you paid attention to me, then you now have the tools, and the knowledge to become the most politically korrekt person there is. So get out there, and start running in circles today. Everyone will love you for being so politically korrekt, until they find another totally fabricated real problem to pin on you.
This article is republished with permission from our friend Oleg Atbashian at The People’s Cube.