Posted by: Nicole Sanders (@nikisands3) on February 11, 2016 At The Shark Tank

An inferno is currently burning at an industrial park in Somerset County, New Jersey. I have been advised all of the counties 700 voting booths are most likely destroyed.

Former Bound Brook mayor, Carey Pilato had the following to say about what will happen if the voting booths are a total loss:

In my experience as a local chairman, council member and mayor, I have confidence in the board of elections and their contingency planning – they will be ready for the next election. I have known the board to be very responsive and proactive to ensuring the sanctity of voting in Somerset county. I have faith that The freeholder board will work diligently to provide what’s needed for the next election.

At this time there are no plans I am aware of to facilitate new voting booths. Everyone is concerned about what is important right now: containing the fire and keeping everyone safe.

One of the affected towns is Manville, New Jersey. Manville’s mayor, Richard Onderko told me the following about the fire:

Manville fire and rescue are on site along with many other towns. I pray all our first responders remain safe and that the fire will be under control soon.

The fire is thought to have claimed the voting booths is currently at 7 alarms and it is projected it will continue for most of the night. Residents in the area are asked to keep their windows closed and many are now without power.

It is being reported residents over 30 miles away from the fire can see the smoke.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. No injuries or deaths been reported.

This article is republished with permission from our friends at the Shark Tank.

This article is republished with permission from our friends at  the  Shark Tank.