Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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Tonight Joe Biden will finally make a speech to Congress and the American people, talking about the many accomplishments of his first 100 days in office. These would include the bold, groundbreaking strides he’s made in continuing Donald Trump’s national vaccination campaign, presiding over a significant upswing in mass shootings and racial discord, and a complete dismantling of our nation’s border security.

Joe has additionally popularized the use of the word “trillion” in casual conversation, as in “Hey, you know what else could use a trillion dollars? Some kind of family bill thingamajig!” And we’re sure he’ll take time to explain that every one of his trillion-dollar boondoggles will be fully funded by increasing taxes on the evil rich (those vile bastards). Granted, most financial experts agree that dramatically raising capital gains taxes to the level Biden wants will significantly decrease the amount of money coming into federal coffers, but it will at least cause tremendous pain to anyone who dared to invest in America – and isn’t that what counts most?

Of course, we won’t be watching Joe’s speech – it’s not good for our blood pressure to get that angry for so long and for so many reasons. Besides, based on his first 100 days, we feel pretty confident about our ability to accurately predict exactly what he’s going to say: all we have to do is assume the worst possible logic being used to justify the policies most hateful and destructive to our nation. Peppered, of course, with a lot of long pauses, sentence fragments, imaginary words, and good old-fashioned malarkey.

This article is republished with permission from our friend Stilton Jarlsberg at Stilton’s Place