By USN Guest Columnist Janalee Tobias / Feb 18, 2021

Friends, after two days of hate mail, rude and vile comments towards me by phone, texts, e-mails, Facebook and other social media, and comments on The Salt Lake Tribune comment section because I posted a petition for Mitt Romney to resign, I’d like to share a response that I wrote to a young millennial along with a recording on the differences between capitalism, socialism, and communism by Ezra Taft Benson, former prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’ve removed the millennial’s name:

\\ ****, I told you we could never find points to agree on. I offered some cold hard facts, and you didn’t accept it. I showed you a novel that is about me working with all political parties to achieve something good. And then you insult me. You try to tell me what Mormons think and I bet you’re not one. And I am a Mormon and I can tell you… many of us are upset with him. And I bet you didn’t vote for Romney for POTUS if you’re a Democrat. And then you try to convince us that socialist countries are a marvel. Go live in those socialist countries if you think they’re such a marvel. People in socialist countries RISK THEIR LIVES to live here. We like Trump when he boldly states, “America will NEVER be a socialist country.” WE LIKE THAT!!! We like our freedom. We like to drive the cars that get us out of snowstorms. We like power that is constant and that can keep us warm in a snowstorm and cool in a heatwave.

So, please, go live in those socialist countries and stop destroying America’s capitalist ideals which make us the greatest nation in the world. And that young soldiers SPILL THEIR BLOOD IN OTHER COUNTRIES so that they can enjoy the freedoms and the lifestyles that we have. It’s really too bad that universities have become liberal and have taught students that socialism is good. That it’s not fair if someone has more money than others. That if you’re white, you have privilege. That white males are the bane of society. That America plundered to become the great nation that it is. That people don’t need religion or God. I’m so happy that I don’t have to live with the consequences of young people like you that think like this.

But what’s sad, is that my posterity has too. I pray that more people your age are like Ben Shapiro than are like you. Or, please be like Milo Yiannopoulos who is a gay rights activist that loves America and tells the world that if America loses her values to young people like you that the whole world will suffer. Quite frankly, ****, I’ve about had it up to my ears with you social justice warriors, who like my friend ****, who is a military hero, told you — that you are young and have no real grasp on reality.

My father is a WWII hero. The greatest generation is almost gone and their values are going with it. Your idea of America most likely includes gun control. Good luck with that. Your freedoms will be gone faster than you can say Adolf Hitler. Your crowd comparison is ridiculous. Because they were mislead by Hitler, he passed the gun control laws which disarmed Jews and all the other social classes he did not like. And then slaughtered them by the millions.

So, young *****, enjoy the freedoms that millions of men and women better than you have spilled their blood for–while you’re young. Because under your ideals, you’re not going to own property, and you’re going to be a slave to the ruling class. I tried to make common ground with you, but sadly, you’ve been brainwashed by do-gooders that most likely don’t know the difference between barley and wheat, a donkey and a mule, freedom, socialism and capitalism. I’ll post a recording by a former Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson, who later became the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the evils of socialism. I hope you listen to it and you go change your attitude, or God have mercy on America!!

A Vision and a Hope for the Youth of Zion


Janalee Tobias is a conservative Mormon housewife who’s outspoken about her love of guns. But she’s even more vocal about her love of the environment and open space, to the consternation of developers, public officials and members of her own faith. In the 1990s, Tobias and a friend spoke out against development of wetlands in South Jordan. The fight went on for years, and the two were sued for $1.7 million by the developers. Only a small portion of the wetlands was preserved in the end, but despite that unhappy ending and the years of stress, Tobias continues to speak out on her views, noting that “a mom with a mouth is more powerful than a mom with a magnum.” She crusading to prevent a commercial development from displacing Mulligan’s Golf & Games in South Jordan, a stance that has led to public battles on her Facebook page and to being called “Baghdad Bob” by the city mayor. She’s also the author of a picture book called The Raspberry Man, a semi-autobiographical tale of a friendship between a Danish immigrant and a young girl that itself caused a stir when Tobias tried to pass it out at a meeting of the Utah Commission on Immigration & Migration. Her grand-niece, Julia Adams, who illustrated the story, was recently interviewed by CNN for an upcoming segment of Human Factor with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.” – Source:


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