By USN Columnist Kate Dalley / Feb 18, 2021

Okay. I’ll say it. Is something sort of crazy happening with Texas?

Yes. ERCOT controls Texas power for the most part at 90% of Texas.

Their rolling blackouts don’t have a lot of rhyme or reason to them. Many people are noticing this.

In 2019, ERCOT, a non profit that manages all the power, announced that they got the go ahead to expand their solar/windmill ridiculousness by 2023 by leaps and bounds because they showed in their data, the tiniest of a fraction of a jump -one time- in solar -over the use of coal. They used that to get orders of massive amounts of wind farms in the production line for Texas. It’s interesting to see how much praise is going to windmills that somehow “saved” Texas since 2011 when they expanded it. They just don’t want to acknowledge that they are frozen and incapacitated at the moment.

They are trying to blame the coal industry for the majority of the issues right now.

Eliminating emissions from the grid within 15 years is the centerpiece of President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion plan to address “climate change”.

Texas’s independence with their electric grid in this country isn’t exactly loved by a group of globalists in the White House trying to control by fear, through climate initiatives that will wreak havoc on our lives.

They are really pushing to federalize the power grid with more consolidated power and kick coal to the curb.

Have you ever actually been a victim of “climate change”? No.

though you have been told every decade that you will be? Nope.

We have a cyclical world. Always have.

But we can no more affect the sun rising tomorrow with our carbon dioxide and cow farts,than we can the cycles that have always been.

The threat of climate change and their insane plan of making us solely dependent on their so called green energy insanity, will eventually result in the very food shortages they seem to know are coming.

They keep telling and warning us that by 2025 we will have food shortages. Remember Bill Gates announcing he wants to “dim the sun” by spraying chemicals to actually combat climate change? Now he’s buying up farmland in the USA. What would his insane idea do to the solar powered USA? (According to Forbes, Bill Gates is funding a project that would dim sunlight in order to “cool” the Earth.)

Many will stupidly buy into the mantra that cow farts and emissions are killing us- even though they never have in the last 60 years of the propaganda – and will think these nutcases are “improving the planet” with their “cleaner” branded marketing, but it’s about control.

This is why they tell you every 10 years you will die at the end of each decade. It keeps moving the goal post of climate change power, regulations, laws, and now Executive Orders forward to dominate / centralize control, so that people believe they can actually change the cycles that come no matter what we do.

Water futures are now here along side gold and silver. What does that tell you?

Look at the big picture.

If you want to know where we are headed with this very special specific plan of theirs, they aren’t bashful in publishing their creepy ideas.

The Rockefeller 2010 Lockstep Report, written 11 years ago, just by total coincidence nailed down the exact Covid 19 plan we are enduring right now and what measures we would see happen and then talks about food, weather, industry, shortages, crime going up, all kinds of projected outcomes after Cov.

I do think there is more to what is going on in Texas than meets the eye.

Even Wikipedia concludes that there is no explanation for what’s going on with the blackouts. Seriously. ERCOT says less than 30% of their power source is solar/windmill.

Marketwatch put out these statements to push the coal is bad and unreliable message:

“Weather-related power outages are increasing across the U.S. as climate change produces more extreme storms and temperature swings”.

“California had rolling blackouts too- could this be a NATIONAL problem?”

“Much of the coal burned in Texas power plants comes from Wyoming over a sprawling rail network that can be disrupted if a bridge or section of track is out of commission for repairs.”

And the best way to get more government control, isn’t by force/ it’s by presenting a problem whereby the only solution is in fact more government. Then the people cheer for more government.

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