When Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he answered “because that’s where the money is.” His reply is memorable because it conveys an essential truth: when assessing a situation, never ignore the obvious. This is no fifty-cent advice, mind you. This isn’t me gently reminding you that fans of the music of Suzanne Vega are not called Vegans, although many of them do happen to be vegans. This isn’t even me telling you no matter how much you treasure your family recipes from the Netherlands, don’t call the cookbook Dutch Oven. No, this is important stuff. Following Sutton’s Law has dramatically improved my life. Very important things I once saw only through a glass darkly, now I see clearly. Nuances in the tone of my wife’s voice. The dancing laughter in my children’s eyes. Traffic signals. Yes, this mindfulness has enriched my life, even if car trips now take a little longer

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