Ted Cruz was mathematically eliminated from scoring the Republican nomination on the first ballot after Donald Trump’s monstrous win in New York Tuesday. Now, the anti-Cruzers are mocking him, arguing that he should drop out along with Kasich.

They’re seriously comparing Cruz to Kasich. The man who STILL has less delegates than Marco Rubio– the guy who dropped out ONE MONTH AGO.

To those suggesting that Cruz drop out, you’re insane. While Trump could reach the magic number before the convention, it’s not guaranteed. Cruz can stop him from reaching 1,237, and if that happens, we’ll go to a contested convention. It could happen. Cruz is banking on it. He has a solid chance of winning on a second or third vote. And no. It’s not a “crooked” or “rigged” way of thinking. This has happened before.

Political junkies are busying themselves crunching numbers and coming up with various delegate scenarios, but Cruz believes the fate of a contested convention rests in one state: Indiana.

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