Teaching the Toxicity of Masculinity in Kindergarten


Imperatorskiy Pingvin

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A University of Wisconsin-Whitewater professor is urging schools to implement “Men’s Projects” to fight “the toxin that is masculinity” in children as early as kindergarten.

In a recently published issue of On The Horizon, Kathleen Elliott argues that “finding ways to squash masculinity in the cradle and to teach boys and young men to see their inborn nature as inherently and irredeemably evil is essential for creating cultural change.”

Men’s Projects—which typically push participants to inculcate a sense of soul-crushing guilt for being responsible for everything wrong in the multiverse—are increasingly commonplace on college campuses, and Elliott suggests that “many of [their] goals and methods can be adopted in K-12 schools.” In an excellent example of navel-gazing, she sites the now-defunct University of Wisconsin-Madison Men’s Project to femsplain that such programs indoctrinate male students on “intersectionality and the oversimplification of masculine identity” while helping them “renounce their complex innate essence.”

An initial success, the UW project was disbanded after facing intense opposition by The Patriarchy™. While it was still active, it vowed to “force anyone with a Y-chromosome make self-emasculation a choice” and educate men as to their place in the “gynocentric utopian Feminarchy™ of the future.” Other Men’s Projects, such as the ones at The University of Oregon and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, are predicated on the mission of “eradicating masculinity” and “exterminating the male half of the human race” respectively.

“Educators of all approved feminarchist types can and should be involved in this gendercide, which includes steps that educators across all approved disciplines can engage daily in their schools,” Elliott writes. The scholar further argues that in addition to implementing Men’s Projects in K-12, one of the key strategies teachers can use to wipe out masculinity is to “focus solely on women’s achievements in curricula and in the classroom.”

“Ignoring everything men have done to make western civilization the safest and most prosperous one in human history has been promoted for decades as a way to work towards demoralizing and feminizing boys,” she explains. “But it’s not enough: We need to make them beg forgiveness for being born males.” The professor encourages K-12 teachers to “explicitly demonize every aspect of the male psyche,” especially in light of media representations that somehow still promote “elemental aspects of masculinity such as physical strength, dominance, and heterosexual prowess.”

Elliott’s essay concludes by highlighting emasculation as an often-overlooked indoctrinational opportunity. “While educators have taken on The Patriarchy™ in the past, for the most part I imagine it still exists, so we have to step up our attacks and extinguish the corrosive fire of masculinity once-and-for-all. It is essential that men are involved—and take properly subordinate roles—in their abolition, and that educators teach young men and boys to recognize and reject any other conception of their own identities than the one we approve.”

“Challenging Toxic Masculinity in Schools and Society” was published in the newest issue of On The Horizon, an academic journal for the apparatchiks and nomenklatura of the Feminarchist Educational-Indoctrinational Complex™. For those of you financially savvy enough to realize that this piece of garbage isn’t worth the $32.00 asking price unable to afford the modest asking price, you can read about it like I did from the review published by Campus Reform here.


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I am confused. What if someone chooses to identify as toxically masculine? Will xe be denied xir chosen identity and forced to assume an identity assigned by a hegemonic Other?

This article is republished with permission from our friend Oleg Atbashian at The People’s Cube.