Suspicious Van

“It’s also why my eyes are brown.”

For roughly the kajillionth time, President Donald Trump thwarted expectations for his State of the Union speech by delivering an inspiring address which called for Americans on both sides of the political aisle to come together in harmony to rebuild and reinforce all that is best about America. So positive was his message that even the Democrats exercising their “wearing white” privilege stood to applaud him. At least, until he pointed out that America will never become a socialist country.

Additionally 76% of polled CNN viewers who actually saw the speech had a favorable impression of it, which is why the (ahem) “news” network had to immediately go into spin mode for those lazy viewers who skipped the speech in favor of CNN’s recrap…er, recap…which was delivered in part by Bizarro-world former Obama official (and 9-11 “truther”) Van Jones.

For those who may have blissfully forgotten Jones, allow us to refresh your memory…

Before becoming a CNN political expert, Jones had described himself as a radical, a communist, and an anarchist who sees the green movement as means to accomplish a radical class restructuring of America. This was, by the way, at a time when Obama was busily appointing Czars without fear of Democrats being offended by the obvious Russian connection.

But as much as we’d simply like to write off Van Jones as a camera-fellating Affirmative Action moron, we must admit that his dangerous radical agenda is gaining more traction among Trump’s (and America’s) political enemies in Washington.

In a jaw-dropping editorial in the Wall Street Journal called “Who’s Afraid of Socialism?,” the actual proposals being floated by elected officials on the Left are listed…and they’re terrifying.

• Adoption of “Medicare For All,” which would give the government ultimate power over how much (and what kind) of medical treatment you do or don’t get. Literally life and death control of the citizenry.

• The Green “New Deal” would basically destroy our country by creating a legal requirement that within 10 short years, the U.S. would be entirey “carbon neutral.” In other words, we would dismantle nearly 90% of our current energy system and replace it (ha!) with unaffordable, unreliable, or uninvented alternatives which would force massive degradation in transportation, manufacturing, and our overall quality of life.

• Government Jobs For All would assure 100% participation in the work force by guaranteeing a government job – or at least a paycheck – for anyone who wants one. And yes, many of the previously unemployable would` find themselves staring uncomprehendingly at the computer screens which will determine whether or not you can have a life-saving surgery. What could possibly go wrong?

• Corporate Control, as proposed by Elizabeth “Why yes, I DID try to advance my law career by lying my bright white butt off about being an American Indian Warren, would fundamentally change corporations valued at over $1 billion. Employees would elect 40% of company directors, who would in turn be required to consider “benefits” other than just making a good return for shareholders – with government overseers thrown into the mix just to make sure no one forgets that capitalism is a sin.

Massive Tax Increases will of course be necessary for all of this. Higher taxes on the evil rich, on the dead evil rich, and on the evil middle class who aspire to becoming the evil rich (formerly known as “the American Dream.”)

In other words, the Van Jones crowd – which encompasses pretty much every Democrat in Congress at this point – wants the opposite of what is good for our nation, and the opposite of what our very unusual President and a majority of the American people believe we need to be pursuing in a bipartisan way.

Put another way, the Democrat alternative to the State of the Union is a state of disaster.