In an article titled “On Race & Identity Politics” David Warren writes, “the battle against multiculturalism should have been joined the moment the stench of identity politics was detected.”

Warren notes:

Most wars don’t start soon enough. This is one of my little reflections on history. That’s why they go on too long. Had the “allies” (whomever gentle reader might choose, for the war he finds most enthralling) had the foresight to strike earlier, they might have wrapped it up quickly. Instead, they dawdled (sloth is a sin), giving the enemy more time to prepare. Advantage: bad guys.

We have seen the growing stench of identity politics spread like a weapon of mass destruction across America.

Identity politics takes many forms. The most recent manifestations are:

1. Gender identity (LGBTQ)

2. Radical religious identity (Islam)

3. Racial identity (Black Lives Matter)

4. Alt-left political identity (Democrats as the party of Marx, Mohammed and Manning)

Identity politics leads inextricably to the stifling of freedom of speech.

For example if you believe in natural law or the biological and scientific terms male and female you are homophobic. If you are a Christian and Jew and question the written tenets of Islamic (shariah) laws then you are Islamophobic. If you happen to be born white then you are privileged and by definition a racist who must feel forever guilty and pay reparations for all past injustices. This idea gives one race preference over many other races who have been persecuted in America including white indentured servants, Asians during WWII and today whites who have been denied admission to certain institutions of higher learning solely based on their race and not their qualifications.

In the video below of the Democratic National Committee Chair Debate, candidate Sally Boynton Brown told the Democrats in the audience “my job is to shut white people down.” The Democrats in the room and on the platform cheered Brown, who is white, for hating white people in general and herself in particular.

Self loathing contributes to the stench of identity politics.

In terms of political philosophy if you believe in the U.S. Constitution (an Originalist) and the Bill of Rights (Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness) then you are all of the above plus misogynistic and a Nazi. Being for life from birth to natural death is anti-woman’s right to choose to murder her unborn child. A child that by consent, or in a few instances not, must be killed, according to the Sierra Club to control population in the name of saving the environment. In the video below Director of Sierra Club Michael Brune declares abortion is good for the environment through population control:

If you temporarily restrict individuals from certain countries coming to the United States for national security reasons, then you are anti-Muslim and anti-immigration. The argument is that America is a land of immigrants and our values demand we allow people to migrate because it is the “just” thing to do. Warren points out:

We are often told that America is “a land of immigrants.” This is dangerously untrue.

Regardless of race, color, or creed, the overwhelming majority [of Americans] was born here, of parents also born here. They are not immigrants, or, if we are going to look back farther, everyone in the world is an immigrant from our distant nomadic past, and the long universal history of tribal then national conquests. [Emphasis added]

The hypocrisy is that the same countries listed in President Trump’s Executive Order ban anyone with a Jewish passport, stamp or visa from entering their country there is silence. Why? Because identity politics places one religion over another.

Identity politics is all about discrimination. Discrimination against Christians, Jews, white males, white females, straight males, straight females, motherhood and those who hold a power to the people philosophy of government, like President Trump.

Warren concludes:

We now see precisely the opposite of what that memorable Christian, Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for – enshrined as principle in one of the country’s major political parties, and advanced by its “base” in the most noxious form.

From abroad, and even from many places within, it is as if the United States were now descending into another destructive civil war – curiously with Trump cast as Lincoln. But the battle should have been joined from the moment that the stench of identity politics was detected.

We must judge individuals by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. As President Trump said in his inaugural speech, “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”Identity politics is un-patriotic.

In a column titled “It’s God or the Gulag” James H. Toner  writes:

A nation is doomed when it celebrates diversity while denying – either explicitly or implicitly – the enduring truths that, at least once upon a time, united that nation. Not for nothing did Lincoln famously embrace the wisdom of Mark 3:25 that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

We should remember that time when our nation was truly divided. Let us not make the same mistake twice. Let us not allow history to repeat itself.

This article is republished with permission from our friend Dr. Rich Swier.