Julia Greenberg – 02.09.16. – 5:02 pm. – Wired

The Walt Disney Company is killing it thanks to a little space opera franchise that maybe you’ve heard of. In our very own galaxy, the company brought in a record $2.9 billion in earnings in its first quarter this year, which technically ended January 2. That record-breaking number is all thanks to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

“Driven by the phenomenal success of Star Wars, we delivered the highest quarterly earnings in the history of our company,” said Bob Iger, the chairman and chief executive officer of Disney. “We’re very pleased with our results, which continue to validate our strategic focus and investments in brands and franchises.”

In non-corporate speak, way to go team—let’s keep making money off of big-time franchises that everyone already knows and loves, the closest you can basically get to a sure thing in the entertainment industry…. read more here