Friday, November 2, 2018

Skinny Dips

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With Halloween so recently in the rear view mirror, it’s not surprising that some high-profile racists are allowing their masks to slip enough to show the more than skin-deep ugliness underneath.

CNN’s Don Lemon, about whom it can truly be said “when Life gives you Lemon, take Life outside and beat it senseless,” just declared that when it comes to terrorism, absolutely no group of people should be demonized. Except White men, of course, because they’re “the biggest terror threat in this country.

To prove this, he cited statistics of killings by alleged White terrorists over the past 20 years or so, with the total number of victims being approximately the same as any 3-day weekend in the conspicuously non-White environs of Chicago.

Meanwhile, bitter clinger Hillary Clinton was being interviewed about civility in politics (because who could possibly be more of an expert?) when the program’s host briefly confused Cory “Spartacus” Booker with Eric “Fast & Furious” Holder. Hillary helped the host over this embarrassing gaff by quipping of the Black men, “they all look alike.”

The audience and usually volatile media outlets just laughed it off because, darn it, racist comments are funny when they come from screamingly liberal Democrats! Who can forget Senator (and former KKK member) Robert Byrd’s heartwarming description of the working class poor as “White niggers?” Or Joe Biden’s amazement that candidate Barack Obama was “articulate and clean,” or Harry Reid’s marveling at Obama’s pleasingly “light skin” and ability to speak with “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted one.”

Oddly, screaming Progressives can always get away with this kind of blatant racism, while those who show the least inclination to conservatism will be cast into the fires of Hell for saying anything, no matter how innocent or well intended, which can be construed as being racist.

As a case in point, Megyn Kelly has just been canned from a $69 million contract for mentioning casually on her morning show that it used to be okay for White kids to dress up as Black characters when she was a kid. When corrected, she apologized fully and sincerely and wanted to open a dialogue to help all sides express their views and perhaps find greater understanding between the races. But nooOOooo. Instead she’s been thrown under Rosa Parks’ bus and had her journalistic career ruined, not because of an act of hate speech, but because of an act of the far less acceptable honest speech.

Somehow, the word “hypocrisy” just isn’t enough to describe the despicable double standards of the race-obsessed on the Left.


Speaking of things that make us feel like projectile vomiting…

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back on Sunday so that you can screw up your sleep cycles, enjoy seeing midnight blackness outside at around 6 pm, and enjoy all of the gut-wrenching effects of jet lag without actually having to go somewhere potentially fun.

If Trump would promise an executive order ending Daylight Saving Time, we think he could pretty much lock up the midterm results he (and we) are hoping for.