Political activism cost the shrinking Service Employees International Union more than $30 million last year.

To bring in new dues-paying members, SEIU spent millions of dollars in member dues on the union’s Fight for $15 campaign and lobbying for legalization of illegal immigrants.

Unions concede that minimum wage hikes will cost some entry-level workers their jobs, but Fight for $15 is a top priority for SEIU bosses hoping to unionize fast food workers. The Fight for $15 has been carried out by a network of SEIU-funded groups.

In SEIU’s 2015 disclosure to the U.S. Department of Labor, the union reported $27.7 million in political activities and lobbying expenditures. Another $2.5 million in expenditures reported as “Contributions, Gifts and Grants” went to expressly political nonprofits.

The union reported “Political Activities” payments of $800,000 to New York affiliate 1199SEIU and $590,633 to Minnesota State Council SEIU. Seattle-based affiliates SEIU 775 and Washington State Council SEIU received $540,000 and $284,996, respectively, from SEIU headquarters.

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