Donald Trump has trolled Hillary Clinton by buying the domain and turning it into a Drudge Report-style website reporting all the negative aspects of the Clinton campaign.

USA TODAY reports that a man called Jeremy Peter Green bought the domain for $7.30 in 2011 but recently sold the domain to the Trump campaign for $15,000. The bottom of the page now reads: “Paid for by Donald J. Trump For President, Inc.” with a link to the official Trump campaign website.

Green revealed that although he plans on voting for Clinton, he is “very happy to have Trump’s money,” adding that the Clinton campaign told him they could not afford it.

“I bought it because I knew that if Clinton-Kaine ended up being the 2016 ticket, I would be able to use the web traffic have some fun with domain, and eventually sell it. I sold the domain because I wanted money,” he said.

“”Clinton’s campaign said they couldn’t afford anywhere near that though, claiming not to have a discretionary budget for this sort of thing, and offered me $2,000,” he continued.

The page now provides links to all the negative press surrounding Clinton, with the lead story being: “Clinton: Sanders Supporters Live In Parents Basement.”… read more here