Ed Wallace, Publisher / News & Opinion / April 9, 2022

Local Representative, Travis Seegmiller (HD73), was recently named by Utah Grassroots as the #1 lawmaker overall (Utah House AND Senate) based on their “Lifetime” voting records in the Utah Legislature. He also achieved the top spot for a House member for the 2022 General Session.

Representative Seegmiller accomplished this “CLEAN Sweep” of both #1 spots in 2020 as well. Don Guymon from Grassroots called that “Quite a feat”. Seegmiller’s Voting Record has earned numerous awards every year including the “Defender of Liberty” award for the past four years from Libertas Institute.

Grassroots is “Committed to Promoting the Principles of Limited Government, Constitution, Representative Government, Participatory Republic, Free Market Economy, Family, and Separation of Powers.” Their only interest is helping to ensure that every man, woman, and child may enjoy the benefits of good government. Their guidelines are the U.S. and Utah Constitutions and they have published an “Annual Report on Utah’s Legislature” every year since 1992.

Seegmiller is up for reelection this year and is being challenged by three members of his own party. Two of his challengers have been playing very dirty baseball behind the scenes which makes it all the more important that we don’t send either of the “Business As Usual” politicians to the Capitol to replace him.

Washington County is finally being represented by a true conservative who represents the UTGOP platform better than any other elected official, AND equals our reputation as the “Most conservative county in the most conservative state in America.”

So, why is he being challenged by members of his own party who state that they’re conservative and will represent the platform and Constitution? One of his challengers goes so far to state that she is a “committed conservative” and “We deserve leadership with integrity and civility who will use a strong voice to advocate for our conservative values and fiscal restraint.” 

In essence, they are claiming to be Travis Seegmiller, and are waving their infamous “I’m a conservative magic wand” over WashCo delegates. Politicians have the legal right to lie to voters as much as they want and the voters don’t realize it until it’s too late. And, why is the media marching in lockstep in the efforts to force Seegmiller into retirement? Anyone with two brain cells should be able to connect those dots.

In the world of Utah politics, Representative Seegmiller is in a class all by himself. There are a handful of others that he has organized around him that share many of the same qualities and together they have had a significant influence on the resurgence of conservative policy and thought. But in terms of uncompromising ethics, pure intent, and as a defender of our Constitution and the proper role of government, he stands alone.

One can only imagine the staggering costs of being a REAL conservative in the chambers of the Utah Legislature where many shed their mask and stated values outside in the hallway, and then go inside their secret chambers and refer to their Constitutional minded constituents as “cave dwellers.”

He has done his job in the trenches of public service with no personal benefits, a decrease in salary, and a decrease in net worth that all suffer who don’t legislate benefits for themselves from the public purse. He’s one of the few politicians who has integrity and is more of a workhorse than a showpony.

Representative Travis Seegmiller has earned my endorsement and that of UtahStandardNews.com.