Pollster and chair of the Sen. Ted Cruz aligned PAC “Keep the Promise” Kellyanne Conway says Democrats helped sabotage Florida Sen. Marco Rubio  career by wedding him to the Gang of Eight amnesty bill and putting him on the opposite side of voters on a crucial issue

.“He’s often seen by some voters as not serious, as immature, as a little bit naive,” Conway said on Breitbart News Daily Friday. “You see him at that Gang of Eight podium — and you see Chuck Schumer… You see Chuck Schumer off to his left. You can almost see the saliva coming out of Chuck Schumer’s mouth, because he’s like, ‘We got this guy! This guy will never be president now. We’ve got him dead-to-rights. He is molding, leading, authoring, and shepherding through this amnesty bill that his base will never accept.’ Chuck Schumer knew that. And Marco Rubio didn’t.”

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