Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh argued that Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%is “the only one guy who has actively demonstrated opposition to the establishment” and “by contrast it’s Trump talking about the ability to get along with these people, which is a huge contrast. It’s in diametric opposition to what people think of Trump” on Monday.

Limbaugh said Cruz’s strategy, “was always to be who he is, the unquestioned, unquestionable, rock solid, anti-Washington establishment conservative. On whatever issue you’re talking you can never doubt, you can have no doubt that Ted Cruz is your guy. Trump’s candidacy starts blowing all that up because it took the ideology out of everything. … Ted Cruz is only guy that was taking on the Republican establishment of all the Republicans in the race.”

more at Source: Rush: Cruz Only Candidate Who Has ‘Demonstrated Opposition to the Establishment,’ Trump Talks About Deals – Breitbart