On ROKU, The Fighting Preacher (2019) , movie Review May 20, 2021

The Fighting Preacher movie Poster

            Spoiler alert! I am not giving any more details on the plot than are in the press releases, because of the twists and turns in the film. The Fighting Preacher is a 2019 talkie color movie now trending on ROKU.  Here is how I evaluate the movie.

1) First, did I stay awake thru the show? This means are there any dry or boring segments which didn’t grab me?  Yes, I stayed awake, comfortably sitting on our couch.  There were a steady list of cliff hangers, which anticipated the life and times of the characters, and I wanted to know what happened next.

2) Second, are there smiles or laugh out loud moments? Yes, several dozen, this commends the script. The smiles are not slap stick, or bawdy humor. The smiles seem to come naturally with the plot.

3) Third, were there any wince moments? By wince, I mean, do the characters light up their cigarettes and enjoy the moment? Product placement by companies makes the producers and directors promote weird things to look attractive, like poison (tobacco and alcohol and drugs) or enabling (like self destructive behaviors). No I didn’t notice any of these.

4) Fourth, with no limit to the number of Tiers, were their Tears? Yes this was a two tear movie.  Without specifying a number, I think too many tears, might make the movie depressing, and I like Walt Disney’s comment, for every tear, there should be a smile. Or If Disney didn’t say that, he should have.

5) Fifth, is it an adventure or was it violent?  Yes, it covers a lot of ground, much outside, good panoramas.   Violence is a subjective thing, but apparently no one went to the hospital from the stunts.

6) Sixth, was it a musical? It had some singing, but that was not the feature with big production numbers.

7) Seventh, was it athletic or stunts? Yes, now I am getting into the plot which is the basis for the name of the show, the Fighting Preacher.

8) Eighth, is it preachy or political? Well, the leader is a Preacher, but not at a pulpit.  He  was not shown with a steady congregation, other than his family. Any politics sailed over my head, so I didn’t notice.

9) Ninth, is there cooking or food? Yes, watch out for the  pies, they make you hungry. It is a vegetarian’s movie.

10) Tenth, is there technology or special effects? Yes, cars and graphics.  But special effects are not distracting.

11) Eleventh, is there a chase scene?  Cut to the chase, is in our language, because that is the most exciting part of the action.  The chases are more subdued, but there are several.

12) Twelfth. Is it a true story? Yes, albeit, a life time is condensed into movie length. So we understand that parts are true, not exhaustive.

13) Thirteenth. Is the cast memorable? This is a subtle way of asking, is the ingénue a babe?  Yes, Cassidy Hubert as Rebecca Bean doesn’t have the most lines, but she shines when she is in the shot.  Is the hero buff? Yes, David McConnell as Willard Bean is buff and believable.

14) Fourteenth. Does the show have children and animals? Yes. I add this because W.C. Fields said don’t act with children or animals as they will upstage you every time, or  steal the scene, or he should have said it. In this case Scarlett Hazen is the young actress of the Bean family, who steals the scenes.

             IMBD.com states ’ When Willard and Rebecca Bean are called on a mission to a town that’s hostile towards them, they must choose whether to fight for their right to live there or love their hostile neighbors.’   IMBD lists it as comedy, drama, and history.

There you have the plot, as much as I am going to give in this review.  I can’t even tell you the sport, or where, or when. However, if you see the movie poster, you can guess the sport.  But I can tell you it is full of suspense. And my last comment.

15) Fifteenth.  Do I have observations or technical comments on the set, costumes, dialogue, audio, video, color? Yes, believable.

16) Sixteenth. Would I watch it again? Yes.

Credits . Writer and Director  and Producer  T.C. Christensen. Producer Ron Tanner. 

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