Marie’s digital display at Tuachan outdoor amphitheater on April 16th 2021, Southwest Symphony

            We saw the Marie Osmond (Craig) concert which opened the Tuachan season for 2021 on April 16th.  It appeared to be a sold  out masked audience.  As  tidbit of trivia, Marie is the mascot, a ‘Killie Girl,’  of the Kilmarnock Football Club, Scotland.  The Tuacahn taped show, included her song standards, her band combined with the Southwest Symphony,  and some audience participation with the cellphones as flashlights.  Marie is one of a handful of singers who are recognized by a single name, you know the list, Cher, Madonna,   Elvis, Britney, Gaga.  Marie also made a pitch for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Also featured were other  singers.  To avoid a spoiler alert, the details will be available when the show is hosted on BYUTV. Watch for it. Tuacahn center for the Arts is celebrating its twenty fifth season in 2021.  The outdoor amphitheatre is in Ivins, next to Saint George.  The theatre is located in Padre Canyon, near Snow Canyon State Park.   A feature of the concert is the video recording by BYUTV for release this year.  BYUTV is a channel on ROKU streaming player.

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