By Ed Wallace, Publisher / May 22, 2021

I remember when racism was considered shameful and had to done in the shadows. Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago (“Home of the Weekend Body Count”) has come out of the closet and will no longer grant one-on-one interviews to “white” journalists.

She’s offended that most of the journalists covering city hall are white and believes that whipping up some old-time racial segregation is just the ticket to establish a healthy non-diverse diversity in the press corps. Apparently, she has no interest in differing opinions, just differing pigments. 

As long as Chicagoans are still following MLK’s admonition to judge people on their character instead of the color of their skin, Mayor Lightfoot’s divisive work will never be finished.

They’re Here

Barack Obama recently casually announced on a late night talk show that, oh yeah, UFOs are absolutely real and we have no idea what they are or how to register them as Democrat voters. Making that announcement on a comedy show means it’s comedy, right? So, how could there possibly be anything worth worrying about when visitors show up with technology that makes us look like banana slugs?

China Has a Friend

The U.S. Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry recently told a Congressional hearing that our nation’s “Green New Deal” has a tiny, little problem in importing millions of solar panels. Some of those solar panels are manufactured by Uighurs slaves in China, the country that produces more pollution than every other country on earth combined.

Isn’t sending them more of our money to create more pollution a little counterproductive? Appently, that’s okay, and the Left has no problem with the “slave labor” thing because it didn’t happen in the distant past and can’t be used for today’s political leverage.

The enslaved Uighurs shouldn’t complain about making those solar panels at gunpoint when compared to the non-enslaved Uighurs who are being systematically murdered in a sweeping Chinese genocide effort.

The AOC-Biden administration is pushing China to make sure their bodies are properly composted so it can be considered a successful “green initiative” and a net win for the Earth.

Failing that, John Kerry is making a contingency plan to ship James Taylor to China to sing “You’ve Got A Friend” at a Uighur prison camp.

Joe Biden Had a Dream

A lot of people are wondering how Biden’s administration’s policies could turn on a dime and go zoom into the opposite direction? Well, that’s easy. The new mask easing of the mask mandate literally happened overnight because it literally happened over night. 

Joe dreamed he was the great North Star of the American people and it was the 2021 summer of the great Biden recovery and on July 4th, ecstatic throngs of Americans – trillions – were enjoying the great gift of a Biden Recovery Summer extravaganza.

All Americans were congratulating him for saving America from the disastrous mess left by Trump and he (Joe) had to fix it, so he did. It was a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Obviously, the masks had to be cancelled if Biden’s plan for the biggest best boldest and most wonderful Biden Recovery Summer ever seen in the history of the world were to be successful. How could he tour the country and have the people cheer him everywhere he went if they were wearing masks? How could he give his speeches and have parades and hotdogs and ice cream and wine for his wife who drinks that stuff all day long because she’s a connoisseur?

And, that’s the why and the wherefore for the mask thing. They just didn’t fit into the Biden Recovery Summer narrative. He wants that narrative. In his dream, it was great.

 Tomorrow’s Headlines

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One Picture Says a Thousand Words

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