So, Mark Goulston is a doctor (the M.D. kind…not the PhD kind) who wrote an article in Psychology Today. And it’s interesting, if you want to check it out.

It’s about how shrill Hillary Clinton is, and how she can change all that if she listens to the good doctor’s advice on how not to be so shrill. The gist of the article (my paraphrasing, of course)? If she’d just SIMMAH and not be so dang defensive and come off as such a raging lunatic all the time (“what difference does it maaaaaaaaake?”), then people would respond so much better to her.

She’d be better off. And she’d have this election in the bag. You know.

Just in case it’s not yet clear, this guy likes Hillz. You can tell (especially in the last three paragraphs) that he genuinely seems to be rooting for her in this election. And he obviously wants to help her. And listen – I think that’s nice. Doctors should want to help people. I just don’t know if the approach taken in this article is the right one. Then again, I don’t have an M.D. (full disclosure).

Anywho, Doc first provides his diagnosis for Hillz (emphasis mine):

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