Postmodernism: Understanding the Roots of Wokeness – American Thinker

You may have noticed that, especially in the last few years, western civilization, and American society generally, seems to have plunged into an abyss of insanity, depravity, and general confusion. With the introduction to concepts like “Critical Race Theory” or “Gender Theory” to the national discourse, and with words being created seemingly out of thin air, like “heteronormative,” “pan-sexual,” “non-binary,” and the prefix, ”cis-,” society has been pushed closer and closer to the edge of national disunity and societal insanity. 

The fact that men and women are now being referred to not as “male” or “female,” but “cis-male” and “cis-female” by not only professional idiots who happen to be gender studies majors or bitter middle-aged lesbian feminist college professors, but by major corporations who make the sodas you drink at barbecues or who manufactured the car you drive or even by a legendary company beloved by children for decades that was, until recently, an institution in and of itself, is an indication of just how far our society has fallen. And, indeed, “Doctor” Jill Biden’s latest speech at the “Latinx Incluxion” luncheon, in which she made a gaffe that would cause any average peon to be completely demolished and ostracized, blackballed, and character assassinated by American Pravda (CNN, MSNBC), is just the latest example of America’s collective mental breakdown.