According to this, leftist moonbat Cher can’t decide if she should bow to the Queen and vote for Hillary like she already planned on doing, or if moldy old #FeelTheBern is more her style. ‘Cause she actually did some research (hope she didn’t break anything) and decided that she has more in common with Bernie than she thought –

Cher, a vocal supporter of Clinton’s campaign, has revealed she is now ‘torn’ between the Democratic candidates. The singer, who has backed Hillary throughout her presidential campaign, has been a vocal opponent of Bernie Sanders who she branded as ‘disingenuous’ and unable to win. But appears Cher may have changed her mind. In a series of tweets, she revealed that she had discovered she may actually have more in common with Clinton’s rival. ‘Realize now that I have MUCH common ground and new respect for Sanders,’ she wrote. […] Cher wrote that after blocking people on Twitter she started to ‘feel uneasy’ and went into ‘marathon research mode’ with an open mind. ‘In the quiet of the night,’ she said it dawned on her that Sanders’ beliefs ‘mirrored’ her own more than she had realized. She that the realization had ‘left her ‘shaken to my core.’ The Grammy winner has been a long time supporter of Clinton and said she liked and admired the former First Lady who she described as ‘smart, capable and strong.’ ‘I hope & pray (for her & country)…the woman I fought hard for many yrs ago… Is still there.’ But the singer said has the difficult decision as to who she backs in the run up to the election. ‘Brutally honest, I’m torn up,’ she said.

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