Monday, 23 April 2018

Planned Parenthood Spending $30 Million on Mid-term Elections

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Planned Parenthood is once again proving its hunger for powerful allies in government positions. GOP control of the Senate is narrow, and with the upcoming Senate races, the power balance could tip in favor of Democrat, pro-abortion advocates. Planned Parenthood knows this, of course, and will be pouring a reported $30 million into abortion advocacy through its political arm. This money will be spent on Senate and gubernatorial races in a number of states, including Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and will be used to fund TV and digital ads, direct-mail campaigns, and even advocacy in the public square.

It is appalling that an organization that receives taxpayer money from the government is spending $30 million to directly influence state and federal elections. Planned Parenthood ostensibly follows the law regarding this situation since the money is funneled through the affiliated Planned Parenthood Votes before lining the pockets of politicians. At any rate, the IRS has never been known to give the abortion provider trouble the likes of how it specifically targeted conservative political activist organizations by withholding tax-exempt status.

According to a report by Roll Call, Executive Director Deidre Schifeling of Planned Parenthood Votes stated, “For people of color, young people, and women, everything is on the line in this election. The Trump-Pence administration has rolled out discriminatory rules and policies that undermine our basic rights and freedoms. To win in 2018, we need to channel the unprecedented energy and activism we’ve seen in response to these attacks towards winning at the ballot box.”

So Planned Parenthood wants to ensure that babies can be murdered every day without any restrictions by getting pro-abortion politicians elected, but it order to do that, the organization needs to convince voters that the rights of minorities and young people are at stake if those “pro-choice” candidates aren’t elected. In other words, to vote in favor of Planned Parenthood-backed politicians is to vote for women’s rights, minority rights, and basic “freedoms.”

Notice how in Schifeling’s statement the word “abortion” was not used; instead, the terms are “basic rights” and “freedoms.” This serves to demonstrate how the pro-abortion movement continues to shy away from the actual use of the term “abortion,” or even “terminating a pregnancy.” It is pathetic that an organization advocating for a specific practice avoids, at all costs, using the actual terms that describe the practice they are seeking to defend. They know that they have to be careful, because pro-life sentiment in America is on the rise.

Regardless of Planned Parenthood’s seeming duplicity, the pro-life movement cannot afford to give the pro-abortion movement an inch in the coming months. If that organization is spending $30 million, the pro-life movement should spend millions on spreading the truth. Remember, Planned Parenthood is fighting an uphill battle at this point; pro-life politicians hold office in many states. As long as such pro-life politicians are held accountable and strong pressure is placed upon them to actually get things done, then Planned Parenthood will still be on the defensive. And hopefully Planned Parenthood will be flushing that $30 million away, just like the $38 million the organization spent on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

This article is republished with permission from our friends at The New American