If Past is prologue was anyone else wire tapped?

By Edmunds Tucker, 9 Feb 2018

The answer is yes.

Recently, two Congressional committees, one each from the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, have written that the FBI lied to the FISA judge in order to obtain a search warrant to wire tap people associated with the Trump Presidential campaign. This is described as the Christopher Steele dossier presented by the FBI to get a warrant to tap Carter Page. Was the real target was the Trump Tower, a residential skyscraper in New York City whose top floor was occupied by the Trump family? Why go to all this trouble?

Can we bring this back to wiretaps? Is it true that the FISA judges only denied 17, of 30,000 warrants requested? Does the public know what caused the 17 to be denied, meaning the request did not show probable cause to issue the warrant? But,it is apparent that the success rate was 2,000 to 1 for applications to issue FISA warrants.

Is the following scenario possible? A request concerns wiretapping a person who dressed in a uniform or costume, and was suspected of flying to all states, and flying over seas, to Europe, and many random countries around the world, and used hi tech to fly, distributing products, and had tens or hundreds of thousands of assistants, infiltrating the media, entertainment, running a virtual foreign office, perhaps speaking foreign languages, traveling without known passports or visas, using aliases, many country intels would want to know what he knew, his contacts, his plans, his organization. If the person is said to live outside of their country, but comes around every year, stroking contacts with a massive following. Is the person real? The person keeps lists, just like FISA. Living a shadowy life. Wiretap the person or persons. Go to the FISA court for the warrant. You have probable cause already – entering the country without visa or passport is a crime of itself.  What does this import? You don’t need a FISA warrant for a foreign national, only for Americans. If you want to know which Americans are interacting with this international, could you find an American assistant and get the domestic warrant?  What if this describes Santa Clause?

The public knows little about the warrants, and less about the tappee (persons being wire tapped).   But apparently the bulk have come since 9/11, or the past 17 years. Dividing 30,000 by 200 months gives an average of 150 FISA warrants a month, or about one every hour and fifteen minutes. So, to get on the FISA watch list doesn’t seem to be a very exclusive club.

If the records are available, and anyone wants to go back, will FISA warrants be discovered in 2012, for a similar wiretap goal against contacts in the Romney campaign?

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