Part 112. States suing to keep  releasing illegal aliens are rewarded with longest life expectancy state ranking. The Flores settlement.

UTopiAH. This is Part 112 of a series for comparing census based life expectancy and death rate tables, ranking states by how long we live, based on the census from 1960 to 2015. Included are  medical  conditions rating  Utah’s  #1 health rankings.  After the  2016 presidential elections, states supporting illegal alien release, after arrest, were moved to the top  as having longest life expectancy, and detainer states assigned to  the bottom of the list. 

 As noted in previous Parts, from the censuses of 1960 to 1990, Utah ranked in the best, top  quintile (top ten of fifty) for life expectancy.  In 1990, Utah ranked first or number one, with the longest  average life expectancy of all states and the District of Columbia.   Compiling death and census data takes years, so that the 1990 census was eventually compiled and released in 2004. So the next compilation, the 2000 census, was due about 2014, but was delayed until 2017, just after the new President took office.  Remarkably, the previously best states, Utah #1 and North Dakota  #2 were re-ranked  in 2017 to push them down to the 2nd quintile,  as #12 ND and #14 UT, and previously mediocre states, such as California,  #32 in the 1990 census, ranking in 3rd and 4th quintiles from 1960 to 1990, were re-ranked to push them up to the top quintile, California jumped all the way to #3. The CDC’s National Statistic invented  ‘age-adjusted’ death rates which  manipulated the ranks and lists.  The new manipulated state ranks place all the ‘Release’ states in the top quintile.

The death data was collected by National Center for Health Statistics for 2014 and 2015 from death certificates filed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and compiled into national data known as the National Vital Statistics System.

         This is what we know.

In 2019,  States seeking amici curiae filings, supporting release of children and the Flores settlement. The ranks after the state name are their Obama CDC life expectancy. Hawaii 1st, Minnesota 2nd,  California 3rd, Connecticut 4th ,  Massachusetts 5th,  New York 6th , Vermont  7th,  Colorado 8th,   New Jersey 10th, Washington 11th, Delaware 26th, District of Columbia, Illinois 23rd, Maryland 13th , Michigan 36th , New Mexico 27th, North Carolina  37th ,  Oregon 21st , Pennsylvania 33rd , Rhode Island 15th , Virginia 19th .

2016 Obama CDC manipulated life expectancy state rankings as of 2017.  Hawaii 1st, Minnesota 2nd,  California 3rd , Connecticut 4th ,  Massachusetts 5th,  New York 6th , Vermont  7th,  Colorado 8th, New Hampshire 9th,  New Jersey 10th, Washington 11th.  [Part 15 MSN life expectancy.]

Part 15. How do 24/7WallStreet and MSN report life expectancy among states? MSN and 24/7 moved Blue states into the top quintile, and Red states into the bottom quintile.

States not voting for Trump in 2016, ranking in the top ten life expectancy. Hawaii 1st, Minnesota 2nd,  California 3rd , Connecticut 4th ,  Massachusetts 5th,  New York 6th , Vermont  7th,  Colorado 8th, New Hampshire 9th,  New Jersey 10th, Washington 11th [Part 22]

2016 election results, color code with Red for Trump, Blue for Clinton

States refusing to detain criminal illegal aliens are rewarded with longest life expectancy state ranking.

Life Expectancy States  ranking based on the 1990 census. Utah 1st , Minnesota 2nd ( stayed at 2nd), North Dakota 3rd, South Dakota 4th,  Connecticut 5th  (moved up to 4th) Wisconsin 6th,  Iowa 7th,  Washington 9th  (moved to 11th),  Idaho 9th , Colorado 10th (moved to 8th),  California 32nd (moved to 3rd),   D.C. 43rd, Nevada 44th,  [see Part 5 1990 census].

Part Five, this is the 1990 census life expectancy rankings by state, divided blue and red for the 1992 election.

            About 1987, the Department of Justice agreed to release children arriving  illegally into the United States, under general situations, which has evolved to a release within 3 days.  It was part of a broader asylum policy dealing with illegal aliens.  This was the Flores settlement.   The geographical area dealt with the southern border of the United States.   None of the illegal arrivals had medical inspections, or passports with entry visas.   The practice was to separate children from parents, hold the parents and release the children to await their hearing for asylum. Wide majorities of the children never returned for hearings scheduled years later. 

            The Department of Justice, as of summer 2019, has moved  to change the Flores settlement, to return to the status quo ante, in order to keep the children in custody with their parents, and avoid separation of the families.   The states which object, just also happen to be the same states the Obama Center for Disease control recognized as ranking at the top of  the longest living states.  Who knew?

            The purpose of this column is to call attention to the fabrication by the CDC of the state rankings.  Fake rankings. If the state voted against Trump, the state ranked at the  top in life expectancy.    If  the state opposed Trump’s immigration emergency, the state ranked at the top in life expectancy.

            According to the Amici Brief, p.  6, line 11,  Obama’s facilities as of 2015, held the illegal arrivals in ‘widespread and deplorable conditions,’  and the states so opposing, as of 2019 are the healthiest based on life expectancy.  There are nearly one millions aliens in the United States with final orders of removal but not enough officers or resources to enforce the orders.

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